Spring into a New Wardrobe for Less

Spring into a New Wardrobe for Less | Families.comPutting together a spring wardrobe can be exciting, especially when you have the budget for it. But what do you do if your finances are tight? Get creative of course. Here are several ways to spring into a new wardrobe for less.

Use Transitional Pieces

Extend your winter wardrobe into spring by using transitional pieces, such as swapping our darker colors for light or investing in an inexpensive scarf that will give you a pop of color. A different shoe may also update a winter look for early spring.

Use Trends Wisely

Patterns are really big in fashion this spring, but because trends tend to come and go, you won’t want to spend too much on trendy pieces. Instead, look for items that can be incorporated into your existing wardrobe to update it for spring. Spend the bulk of your money on classic pieces, if needed.

Consider Consignment Stores

Consider shopping at consignment stores for basic pieces or even clothing and accessory items that can be used this spring. The secret is to browse the fashion magazines, the blogs and the stores to see what the fashion is. Then recreate it but make it your own with some inexpensive consignment shop finds.

Rediscover Lost Pieces

Sometimes we forget about great clothing that we already have. This tends to be most true in the tradition from winter to spring, because heavy and bulky items often crowd out lighter spring items in the closet. To get around this, take all of your winter items out of your closet and drawers. Choose to either store them elsewhere until next winter, or place them in the back of your closet or bottom of your drawers, leaving your lighter pieces up front and visible so you know what you already have and can use.

Anything for spring (or summer) that you find but don’t love can be taken over to the consignment shop.

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