St. Nick Tradition Continues

St. NickTomorrow is one of my favorite times of the year, St. Nick.  I haven’t decided when my children will be too old for it.  But I can tell you that it’s not this year.

With my oldest son in the military, I was originally going to keep everything in his stocking until he comes home for Christmas.  But I decided that instead I would mail him a stocking (not the one from home) filled with goodies.

My children enjoy the bounty of candy that fills up their stockings.  But I also get them a gift card.  This year it is an iTunes gift card for my oldest son, a Walgreen’s gift card for my daughter (she will spend it all on makeup) and a Visa gift card for my youngest son.

Apparently it’s not a widely spread celebration in the United States.  In fact, the majority of my kids’ friends don’t receive anything.  Some used to when they were younger but I guess when they became teenagers, their parents decided they were too old.

St. Nick is quite popular in Northern Europe.  Apparently gifts are left in the children’s shoes.  I’m not sure my children would want candy that came out of their shoe.

Then there is the whole twist in that “naughty” children receive a lump of coal instead of goodies.  I remember when mine were younger making that threat.  It was all done in jest but still seemed to work.

Here is the whole problem with St. Nick only being celebrated by some.  Other children are left out.  They wonder why he never came to visit their house.  Now that my children are teens, it’s not really an issue.

Although, I have heard that some of their friends think they are lucky.  I just enjoy giving my children gifts.  Sometimes I think it brings me more pleasure than it does them.  So maybe this is all really for my own benefit.

Bottom line…in this house the St. Nick tradition continues.