Start Donating Young

To get your kids in the giving spirit, start teaching them to donate at a young age. Kids naturally want it all for themselves, so by teaching them to give to those in need – they also learn a valuable life lesson.

The first step is to find a charity or cause that holds special meaning for your child. Who they give to and how much they give isn’t as important as finding value in the process. If your daughter loves animals, consider donating to the local Humane Society. If your son wants to be a firefighter, donate to your local station. If you want to explore the endless options of charities, a quick search on the Internet will provide ample results. As a final check, look up the charity on the Better Business Bureau’s website at This will give you further information to decide if this charity is right for you.

Ways to help your children donate could involve many avenues. Let them come up with a set amount to give out of an allowance. Have a donation budget each month where they could spend it on cash donations or supplies. Encourage friends and family donate to a charity instead of gifts at a birthday party. There are many ideas, why not let your child think of a few of her own?

Whatever you decide, the key is to let your child be the leader. By allowing this to be his interest, donating and giving becomes more meaningful. Younger children in particular will often want to see their money and gifts employed. If you want to give to the local animal shelter, have the kids buy blankets for the animals and hand deliver them to the pets in need.

The choice is yours, there are so many needy organizations out there waiting for your help. Teach your kids to look beyond their own needs through a simple process of giving.

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