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Is storage an issue for you?  Maybe you don’t have enough cabinets, rooms or closets to store everything.  Or it could be that the system you use for storing has become nothing more than a hot mess, and you still can’t find anything.

With limited space in my home, there are two main things I use for storage.  The first is binders and the second is plastic containers.

Binders are a great way to store all of your papers.  You can put together a binder for virtually anything.  For instance, I have a binder that contains the warranties of household products.  That eliminates having to search if needed.

Through all the years of my children going to school, I kept a binder of their schoolwork.  Each one was labeled with the grade they were in.  Papers I wanted to keep got tucked away inside the binder.  The rest got thrown away.

I have kept binders for committees I belong to, to-do lists and so much more.  Binders not only help me organize my papers but they eliminate piles.  It is so much easier to find what I need, when I need it.

Getting rid of paper is probably half your battle.  So then you move onto the items that can’t go inside a binder.

This is where plastic containers come in.  They are perfect for storing holiday and seasonal items, memorabilia, clothing, shoes, books and anything else you can think of.

They stack neatly and can be tucked away out of sight.  They also prevent items from getting wet or dirty.  Just be sure to mark the containers so you know what is inside and store them in strategic areas of the home.

Make sure you group things, however.  You don’t want to throw a hodgepodge of items into one container.  Store together what makes sense.

The great thing about binders and containers is they aren’t very costly.  And they come in all kinds of colors, designs and sizes.

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