Strangers can be so funny.

If you homeschool long enough you will eventually be confronted by a stranger who feels the need to express his or her views on the choices you made for your children.  Children, by the way, this stranger knows nothing about nor does he support financially.  It drives me crazy because I see no reason to challenge a parent on their educational choice for her children.

“You aren’t in a grade.  You are homeschooled.”

“In school you learn more.”

Those are statements from a little neighbor girl to my daughter.  I see we have been the topic of conversation in that household.

“Aren’t you worried about the kids being social?”

That was asked by nurse when my husband went in for a procedure.

“He needs to go to school to be around people”

Said the mom who sends her child to a school where drug deals are considered business 101.

“You don’t use the same curriculum as the school? How is this legal?”

Said a truly ignorant person.

“You need to send them to high school.  You can’t teach high school.  What my daughter learns in biology, I am not sure I could teach.”

Said a doctor.

It actually becomes fun to collect the rude and ignorant comments made by strangers.  It never really becomes fun when friends and family decide to take a dig though.  I never understood why people seem to care so much about the choices I make for my children.

“Aren’t you worried your child will be beat up in the bathroom by a gang who smokes cigarettes and drinks too much Mountain Dew?”

I think that is what I will say to the next mom I meet who sends their child to school.

“Your child has a uniform, eats in a stark cafeteria and is not allowed to speak, and is told when to use the bathroom.  Is she training for the state penitentiary or college?”

Maybe I could just say that.

Of course, I would never say any of those things because I respect other people and I know when to keep my mouth closed.

Next time you are confronted….just smile confidently and remember how silly it is for them to comment at all.  Show more grace then is shown to you.  I promise that is much better than a snarky comment war.