Substituting Fat in the Kitchen

Knowing how to substitute the fat in recipes can broaden the scope of what you can consume while dieting. We all want to eat the things we love but when those things do not love us back a change needs to be made. Dieting or not consuming high amounts of fat is not healthy. So transform those old high fat recipes or high fat way of cooking with low fat options that will not cause you to sacrifice taste and in fact may enhance it. The following is a listing of some low fat substitutions you may want to try the next time you are in the kitchen.

High Fat Alternatives:

Baking Alternatives

You may notice a change in your baked goods when reducing the fat content. Your baked goods may be more dense than usual. To combat that you may want to beat the egg whites and fold them into your mixture or use cake flour.

Applesauce: A wonderful way to replace oils in your baked goods. You can replace up to ¾ of the oil or shortening with applesauce. Use unsweetened applesauce or you will have to reduce the sugar in your recipe

pureed prunes: An option that works well with chocolate. Use the same as the applesauce by replacing up to ¾ of the shortening in your recipe.

fruit-based fat substitutes: Used in the same way as applesauce or pureed prunes.

ricotta cheese: Can be used to replace solid fats in bread items. You can replace measure for measure but ¾ replacement may yield better results

Mashed bananas: Simple way to replace fat. Replace measure for measure.

Frying or sauteing alternatives

clarified butter: Can be heated to a high temperature without burning.

olive oil: Healthy oil but use for frying only.

cooking spray: Great alternative for low fat frying.

Wine: Substitute three tablespoons of wine for every one tablespoon of
butter for sautéing.

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