Suffering from Perfectionism

HomemakingI am a recovering perfectionist.  I never attended therapy or a group session but I just learned over the years that I and my family would be much happier if I just learned to let things go.

I cannot tell you the burden this has lifted from my shoulders, especially during times like this…the holidays.  I know there are many of you out there who are stressing out instead of enjoying this time of year.

How do you know if you are suffering from perfectionism?  Well, let me first say that there is nothing wrong with wanting everything to go just right and with trying to make the holidays special.  But when the preparations become more important than the people, you might be a perfectionist.

When your happiness is based solely on the outcome, you just might be a perfectionist.  If you are getting easily frazzled during this time of year, yep, you are more than likely a perfectionist.

There are ways to overcome this.  For instance, decide ahead of time what you know you can accomplish.  If you can only make a couple of dozen cookies this year, accept it.  If you don’t have time to cover the entire outside of your house with lights, be happy with the lit Christmas tree inside.

Another way to overcome this is by reminding yourself what the holidays mean to you.  If it’s all about impressing others, well I can’t change your heart.  But if it’s truly about the people you know and love, keep that in mind as you tackle your tasks.

And I know this probably goes against everything in you, but take time each day for yourself.  Whether it’s sitting down to read, taking a bubble bath, enjoying a cup of tea or watching your favorite television program—don’t just go, go, go, without taking the time to unwind.

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