Summer Bucket List

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What is a summer bucket list?

Quite simply it is a list of items you want to accomplish this summer.  Whether you homeschool all year or not, this is a great summer activity for you and your children.  It is a fun way to set and accomplish goals.

What things to have on a summer bucket list?

Lists will vary according to each person and family.  The size of your family and ages of your children will determine what your list looks like.  I suggest having each member of the family add to the list or perhaps make their own list.  Here are a few ideas to put on your list.

  1. Make a sandcastle.
  2. Stop eating fast food for a month.
  3. Play a sport for an hour each day.
  4. Make ice cream.
  5. Finish a DIY project.
  6. Finish a summer reading least.
  7. Go to the zoo.
  8. Dance or play in the rain.
  9. Go paintballing.
  10. Take a picture every day.
  11. Have a water balloon fight.
  12. Eat a new food.
  13. Do an outside chore for a neighbor.
  14. Learn how to fish.
  15. Learn to enjoy your siblings.
  16. Have a family movie night every week.
  17. Go putt putting.
  18. Go to a movie on opening night.
  19. Catch lightening bugs.
  20. Go to a park you have never been to before.
  21. Play in the kiddie pool.
  22. Learn how to play a new board game.
  23. Make a time capsule.
  24. Eat ice cream before dinner.
  25. Go horseback riding.
  26. Visit a farm.
  27. Visit an aquarium.
  28. Ride a roller coaster.
  29. Play four square as a family.
  30. Challenge your family to see who can pick the most strawberries.

There are just some ideas to get you started.  Sit down with your kids and come up with some ideas and see how many you can get done before summer is over.  Even if you don’t get it all done, it will be fun trying.

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