Sunny Days are Here Again


Today I finally got my wish for weather that was warm enough so that the boys could be outside for more than an hour at a time. I knew this morning when I woke up that it was possible that today could be the day that I had been waiting for. The sun was shining and the sky was cloudless, ith a color that was the most beautifully perfect shade of blue. By the time that we were done eating breakfast and sending my husband off to work, the morning chill had worn off and it was time to go outside.

I got the boys dressed in play clothes and placed a few extra pairs of play clothes and some diapers in the kitchen near the door so that anyone who got uncomfortably wet and dirty could change up quickly without making a mess all over the house. When we went out, I had no idea how long the boys would be happy outside, but I hoped that it would at least be a few hours. Imagine my delight when lunch time came around and Dylan asked whether I could just make something easy and bring it outside for a picnic on the deck.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the deck, and the boys went right back to playing. Blake was only about seven or eight months old when the weather became too cold for outdoor play last fall. Most of the time that he was outside last year, he was in his front pack. Today, he explored grass, rocks, mud, sticks, and other natural wonders for the first time. He was so busy and so happy that he did not take a break from playing to take his nap until about four hours later than usual.

Dylan got wet and muddy many times over. We took out many outdoor toys, and we set up our little plastic slide. I think the thing that he enjoyed the most was his sand box, though. This morning, it was still buried beneath six inches of snow. For some reason, I was inspired to shovel the snow off of it and open it up. He helped a little, and when I lifted the tarp off of it so that he could go in it and he immediately got busy digging, filling, and “working”.

This evening, after the boys had taken baths and had dinner, we were snuggling in bed. Dylan gave me a huge hug and told me that he was so happy that I had “found” his sand box. I hugged him back and told him that I am so happy that we were able to play out in the yard today. The weather is supposed to be just as nice tomorrow, and I have made plans for us to meet up with the boys’ grandparents at a playground for a couple of hours before we go to a buffet dinner. Spring is finally here, and I am so very happy.