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Super Cool Birthday Party Ideas for Your 5 Year Old, Part 2

Dress-Up or Makeover Party:

Would a pink festival of femininity capture your little fashionista’s heart? Girls can put on their best dress up clothes and head over to hair and make up for a complete transformation. Your hair and make up area can include painting nails, applying lip gloss and simple hair styles. Makeovers do not have to be extravagant. I find keeping it simple is best. You can suggest the girls arrive in their dress up clothes or provide an array of clothing for them.

Roll out red bulletin board paper or a red bed sheet if you want the girls to walk the red carpet. You may want to take pictures of the girls, as they show off their new style, for personalized thank you cards. Purses filled with lip balms, non-toxic nail polish, temporary tattoos, play make up, and a mirror make fun party favors.

Secret Agent Party:

Many children love the intrigue of secret agents. You can invite children with a mysterious invitation marked confidential. Another idea is to print up the invitations backwards so the information can be deciphered by looking at it through a mirror.

Plastic sunglasses, pens with invisible ink, and decoders make great party favors. Party favors can be housed in manila envelopes marked “For Your Eyes Only.”

Try to keep the suspense going by giving children clues to find the stolen birthday cake. You can put the children on teams or have all the children work together. Give the first clue and allow the children to find the rest around your house or in the backyard.

Camping Party:

A camping party can be done inside or outside. If you have it inside then consider clearing a large area for your campsite. You can make forts using sheets and your furniture as your campsite or use real tents. If you decide to have your party outdoors then real tents would be best.

Typical camp games such as egg toss, three legged race, and balloon fights are fun favorites among little campers.

Camping food can be budget friendly and easy to make. Consider hot dogs, roasting marshmallows, chips, fruit salad, and possibly s’mores. A graham cracker or s’mores birthday cake is a fun option for this celebration.

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