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Don’t let Sunday’s Super Bowl match-up between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers kick-off in vain.

Even if your favorite team didn’t make it to the NFL championship game, you can still party with other football fans.  The festivities can then be documented in a simple scrapbook layout featuring football-themed elements.

Start with affordable embellishments, such as stickers, stamps and die cuts in the shape of footballs, goal posts, helmets, jerseys, cleats, banners, mascots, flags, cheerleading megaphones, foam fingers and pennants.

Next, spice up your page title with a play on words.  Some examples include:  “Having a Ball,” “No Pain, No Gain,” “Super Star,” “Scoring Big Fun,” “Power Play,” and “Touchdown.”  Once you select a title, add some extra pizzazz by utilizing simple scrapbooking techniques.  For instance, you could use chalk to go over words in the title you want to highlight.  Another option is to use rubber stamps or letter stickers to spell out your title.  Printing your title on vellum, and then layering it on top of an image of a football or jersey is an easy way to give your title a lift.  You could also use a label maker or piece together epoxy letter stickers to create a title with a ransom note effect.

Finally, consider adding famous football-themed quotes, phrases or poems to further personalize your Super Bowl pages.  A popular pick for parents of pigskin players is called “Football Mom” by Annissa Worobec:

With mouth guard in, and ball in hand
A pass will be made and the crowd will stand.
They will cheer and scream for their home team
And the coach’s face will grin and beam.

The boys on the field will perform a great play
That will bring the team victory
And touchdowns will be made

Flips and slams, turns and fumbles
I see my mom cringe
When it’s me getting pummeled

She hates the violence and the aggression that occurs,
It eats at her stomach, and twitches her nerves
But she waits for me to score for my home team
Then her cheer is the loudest


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