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Surgical Countdown: One Month!

My hysterectomy is scheduled for one month from today: April 7th. I’m still feeling generally positive about the whole thing.

One of my coworkers said I seemed “sparkly” about the thought. And in my mind, there are a lot of good things about the upcoming surgery.

Good thing number one: there’s an end in sight to the pain, the abnormal flow and irregular periods, the feeling that I have to piddle all the time… all the problems caused by my football-sized fibroid are going to go away once the football leaves town. And I think that’s awesome news.

It’s like when I had my sinus surgery: that first morning when I woke up without a sinus headache (the first time in months, if not years) was like a miracle. I look forward to a similarly miraculous feeling at some point during my recovery.

Good thing number two: it’s not cancer. One of my doctors had thrown out the dreaded c-word as a possibility… and that was a scary thing to hear. Knowing that there’s only a one in one thousand chance of my football being cancerous absolutely makes me feel sparkly.

So what can I expect in the weeks before my surgery? There are two major milestones I’m expecting: a final decision from the hospital’s financial aid folks on what the surgery is going to cost me… and a call from the anesthesia folks for some pre-surgery prep info. Other than those, I’ve got work to keep me busy and lots of friends to keep me company while I wait.

At some point, some nerves will probably show up — it’s pretty normal to be nervous about a surgical procedure. But I’m trying to keep thinking positively! I know there will be some pain and restrictions during my recovery; I don’t expect it to be easy by any stretch of the imagination. But in the end, the benefits will far outweigh the pain and suffering.