Swapdom Lets you Swap Kids Clothes with other Parents

Swapdom Lets you Swap Kids Clothes with other Parents | Families.comAre you looking for used baby items? The traditional way to find them is to ask your friends and neighbors if they are willing to give you the baby items that their children have grown out of. This method is generally “hit or miss” and requires a bit of networking skills. Swapdom.com offers a more efficient method for finding free baby items.

There are many different methods that a parent can use if he or she is looking for free baby clothing (and other baby items). You could let your family members, friends, and co-workers know that you are in need of free baby clothing. You can make a post on Facebook or Twitter in the hopes that someone who lives near you would be willing to part with the baby clothes their kids have outgrown. Or, you could try the free section of Craigslist, and hope for the best.

These methods are “hit or miss”, and that can be frustrating. Swapdom.com offers a much more efficient way to obtain the free baby items you need. You set up a swap without having to leave your house (which makes it easier for exhausted new parents or parents with several small children).

It works like this. Swapdom.com puts together a group of people who each have something that another person in the group wants. For example, let’s say you are seeking clothing in newborn baby sizes. You have to have something to swap, so you decide to offer one of the two strollers you got at your baby shower.

Swapdom finds a person who is seeking a baby stroller. It also finds a person that wants to give away baby clothing in newborn sizes. The website connects all three of you together. It is efficient because it saves you the trouble of finding a person who not only is offering the thing you need, but also wants the thing you are willing to give. You pay shipping on the item you receive (but not the item you are giving away).

Once everyone in a “circle” of swapping has given their approval about the exchange they will make, Swapdom will process everyone’s shipping payment and create shipping labels for everyone. It is a pre-paid shipping label, so you can just box up your stuff and drop the box at the post office.

The “Kid’s Gear” section at Swapdom.com includes the subsections of “Baby Gear”, “Clothing”, and “Toys and Games”. Click on one to break things down further, or use the search engine to find what you are looking for. It doesn’t cost anything at all to take a look at what is being offered.

Image by Mark Pilgrim on Flickr.