In Recognition Of 9/11

With today being the 10 year Anniversary of the September 11 attacks on America I wanted this entry to be reflective on the Anniversary and the losses that American’s experienced that day. When I was younger I grew up in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and when I was up there I had taken many trips to New York City. We went there for field trips and as I got older just to explore the city. One of the iconic memories I have was looking up at the World Trade Center Towers. Their size was over whelming and the fact that … Continue reading

More on the Gary Coleman Story

Poor Gary Coleman – it seems that even death cannot separate him from drama. The former “Diff’rent Strokes” star was taken off life support last week after falling in his home. Today, the 911 call by his “wife” (and I put that in quotes – I’ll talk about that in a minute) was released and it almost made me sick to read it. Shannon Price called 911 after hearing a bang. She told the operator “He just got home, I heard this big bang, I went downstairs. Blood everywhere. I don’t know if he’s okay. I’m not down there right … Continue reading

Equipped for an Emergency

How much are parents today teaching their children to prepare them for life? How many children would know how to respond in an emergency? Is it something you have taught your children? Recently our local paper carried the story of a mother who considered it vitally important to teach her children what to do in case of emergency. From a young age she drummed into them that in case of an emergency to ring 000. That’s the number in Australia. USA it is 911. The young mother, Kylie, taught her children from the time they could talk almost their address … Continue reading

Gas Leak

We had a pretty scary experience this past week. We had been out with friends for the entire evening, and came home about 10:00pm. The second I entered the hallway of our apartment building, I smelled major natural gas. It was pretty strong. I unlocked the door to our apartment, opened it, and the smell became about ten times stronger. “The gas is coming from our apartment, honey,” I said to my husband. He went inside, and discovered that a burner on our gas stove was leaking gas. I immediately freaked out. The first thing that went through my head … Continue reading

Seven Years Later: Thoughts on the Pets of 9/11

Over in Marriage I wrote about what I think about on September 11 as it pertains to love and relationships. But another loving relationship I think about today is the one so many of us have with our animals. Last year I wrote about the pets of 9/11. I did a little research into finding out if all the pets belonging to people affected by the attacks were okay. They were. Today as I contemplate the events of September 11, 2001, I’m thinking about the pets and people who survived. (I guess I should be clear here. Only one pet, … Continue reading

What I Think About on 9/11

When I think about September 11, 2001, I don’t think of the terrorists. I don’t think about the conspiracy theories floating around out there that our own government is responsible for the attacks. I don’t think about how much it changed our world and how we live in it basically overnight. No, when I think about the events that happened on September 11, 2001, my mind inevitably returns to the cloudy, partly rainy morning at our house in Jacksonville. The phone rang. It was my dad asking if I was watching the news. “No.” “Turn it on. I’ll wait.” “What … Continue reading

The Widow’s Email

The other day I received an email from a very displeased reader in regards to an article I wrote last September called The Widows of 9/11: Already Remarrying? Her name was Ms. Fisher and her subject line immediately caught my attention. It read “Who do you think you are?” Here’s what Ms. Fisher had to say: I am furious after reading your post about a 9/11 widow remarrying. First of all, since you aren’t a widow you have NO BUSINESS even writing on this subject. Second, you should do a tiny bit of research before you write my dear. Remember: … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: September 10 – 16

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. I know I plan on relaxing today. Even if you don’t plan on tackling too many chores today, you should find some of this week’s articles helpful for when you do need to get down to business. This week kicked off with a Quick Trick for Extra Seating. You can bring those outdoor chairs inside and dress them up for instant extra seating. Another tip to go along with this article is to consider buying higher end outdoor furniture the next time you shop for such items, since the styles and quality available today … Continue reading

Hope – a Gift from God

Today is a day of sadness for America as we commemorate the sixth anniversary of the World Trade Center bombings. However, it is not a day for despair. God wants us to have hope in all our trials, and today is no different. Elder M. Russell Ballard, in his Ensign article “The Hope of Joy Fulfilled,” November 1992 said: “My message to you today, my brothers and sisters, is simply this: the Lord is in control. He knows the end from the beginning. He has given us adequate instruction that, if followed, will see us safely through any crisis. His … Continue reading

Remember the Date for Money

Today is certainly a day of remembrance and mourning for our country. But, it also can be a day of pride, particularly in terms of money and power. These terrorists didn’t randomly strike the World Trade Center; their intent was to break down the United States power. The power our country receives from its economy. Certainly the immediate effects of the September 11 tragedy caused a direct downturn of our financial systems, but it did not have the devastating results these terrorists had hoped for. If there are any money lessons to be learned from this day, it is the … Continue reading