All About Me: All My Sisters and Brothers

This is a fun topic for me to journal about in my all about me album. Why? Because I grew up with only one brother. We were close. But when I got older, I decided to search for my biological mother, and when I did I found two more brothers and a sister. Several years later my mother got remarried and now I have four step sisters. So growing up with one sibling and jumping to eight, is strange! I have loads to journal about. Spend some time thinking about your brothers and/or sisters growing up. Do you have older … Continue reading

All About Me: Where Did You Come From?

Where did you come from? Yes, I do know where babies come from. That is not what I mean. What I mean is, where are you from? Where were you born? Where did you grow up? These are awesome questions to be answered in your all about me scrapbook. Take time to think about your answers. Ask yourself questions about your childhood. Did you move around a lot when you were a child? Was it because you had a family member in the Military, or perhaps you just had parents that liked to move around a lot. Did you grow … Continue reading

All About Me: Favorite Things

We all have a list of things that we just cannot imagine not having in our lives. It can be a big thing like our family, and it can be the small things like the smell of autumn. Rebecca Sower, a scrapbooking icon, created a wonderful layout several years ago depicting her favorite things. She started the trend and it has continued every year. Following in Rebecca’s footsteps, why don’t you take some time to create a layout commemorating fifty to one hundred things that you love. Think about your favorite things. What’s your favorite food, or clothing? Do you … Continue reading

All About Me: Three Things

Everyone has hopes and dreams, things we aspire to. These are things that live within our heart and we might accomplish someday, but maybe not. But what if you had three wishes. Just three simple wishes for anything in the world. What would you wish for? What are some things you really want. These are things that if you could have any three things in the world granted to you, you’d receive. Spend some time thinking about that. Once you have chosen your three wishes, think about it further. Why do you want these three things. Journal about that on … Continue reading

All About Me: Live, Love, Laughter

What is it that makes you smile? And what gets you into a fit of giggles? And still, what makes you just break into a fit of laughter? Everyone needs to laugh, and as the old saying goes “Laughter is the best medicine”. I can attest to that. On my gloomiest, most depressing days, all it takes is something funny to happen, and I’m laughing until I cry! So what is it that makes you laugh? Think about the funny things your children do. Think about your boyfriend, husband or significant other. Do they do things that make you laugh? … Continue reading

All About Me: From The Beginning

A great way to start your All About Me album is to include information from your birth. That almost seems explanatory, but many scrapbookers forget to include those pages about themselves. It could be the first page in the entire album, or you could use the first page as a dedication page, and then create a two page layout on the following pages, depicting information and photos from your birth. Don’t worry if you don’t have any photographs to accompany the information, the journaling itself can serve as a perfect page by itself. But if you do have photographs from … Continue reading

All About Me: Amusement Parks

Everyone loves amusement parks. Sometimes it’s the rides, sometimes it’s just the smiles on the children’s faces that make some people happy, and for some still, it’s the fun amusement park cuisine! When was the last time you visited an amusement park, carnival or fair? When you step onto the grounds of an amusement park, you are often taken back to a time when life seemed simpler, and everything was fun. Riding the rides, seeing all the cartoon characters walking around, standing in lines with other anxious riders, eating cotton candy or sipping a iced lemonade. All these things are … Continue reading

All About Me: Dream Vacations

You may have already taken your dream vacation, but even if you have, there has to be somewhere else you’d like to visit that you haven’t been to yet. Think about where that might be? Is it an exotic location, some secluded private beach resort, or is it the jungles of Africa? Dream vacations can be fun to think about. Although there are several exotic locations I’d like to visit, and yes the jungles of Africa are one of them, there are also more simple dream vacations I’d like to take. Of course, I am a simplistic girl. One thing … Continue reading

All About Me: It’s In the Music

Calling all scrapbooking music buffs, right here, right now. Music is a wonderful way to relax, or use as a pick me up. There are so many different styles of music now, that it’s hard to choose a favorite. I’m a country girl at heart. That’s what I listen the most to, however I have a very broad range of interests from pop, to classic rock, and jazz and classical. Lately I’ve stepped out of my box and found myself enjoying and listening to Contemporary Christian music as well. Because Contemporary Christian is a rather diverse style, it’s available in … Continue reading