ABC Scrapbooks – Five More ABC Lists

ABC albums are so much fun to create, but thinking up lists of ABC words can be difficult. I’ve compiled a few that I’ve had for many years. I add to them whenever I think of a new word or see something that should be on it. I hope you will do the same. If there are some needed words missing, just let me know! High School ABC’s by author unknown A – Annuals, athletics, Algebra B – books, band, ball games, C – college prep classes, computer lab, calculators, chemistry, calculus, choir, cheer leading D – Driver’s Ed, diploma, … Continue reading

ABC Scrapbooks – Three Fabulous ABC Lists

Creating an ABC album is so much fun, but trying to think up ABC lists can be exhausting. I took some of the dirty work out of it for you, by including five ABC lists for different topics. I hope you enjoy and can find them useful for your own scrapbook albums and layouts. Animal ABC’s A – Aardvark, Alligator, Anaconda, Ant, Anteater, Antelope, Arctic Fox, Armadillo, B – Baboon, Badger, Bald Eagle, Bat, Bear, beaver, Bee, Bighorn Sheep, Bird, Bison, Black Widow Spider, Boa Constrictor, Bobcat, Bumblebee, Butterfly, Buzzard C – Camel, Canary, Cardinal, Cat, Catfish, Centipede, Chameleon, Cheetah, … Continue reading

ABC Scrapbooks – Getting Started

I absolutely adore ABC scrapbooks! They are so much fun and such a great way to use up duplicate photos, leftover stickers, scraps of paper, old die cuts, all those millions of punchies you have, and more! But how do you go about getting started with an ABC album? It’s actually pretty easy! The glory of an ABC album is that they can be made for anyone. From preschoolers as a learning tool, to grandparents as a wonderful way to commemorate an occasion or as a brag book, they are always treasured. Another great feature of an ABC album is … Continue reading