Relief Society: BYU’s Women’s Conference

Every year at the beginning of May BYU puts on a Women’s Conference. It is a short two-day conference that takes place on campus. This year the conference is April 20 and May 1, 2009. Additionally there are service projects that you can participate in while you attend the conference. This year the projects will be set up in rooms where you can also watch different class presentations while you serve. This conference has many presentations that focus on living the gospel and helping your family. The presentations are always uplifting and may offer spiritual insight into doctrine or they … Continue reading

It is fall and that means it is time for football. I grew up in the home of a diehard Cougar football fan. My dad is such a fan that last week he forced himself back to work after recovering from pneumonia so that he could attend the football game without any argument from my mom. While I love BYU football and basketball, it is difficult for me to keep up with it in North Carolina, especially since my husband is not a huge fan. However there is a great site that allows you to keep up with not only … Continue reading

BYU 2007 Education Week

As many of you may know this week was Education Week at BYU. This is a time when BYU hosts many workshops and inspirational speakers. The classes go all day long, all week long and cover many different aspects of life. People from all over the world attend this activity each year. It is a time to truly grow spiritually. Everyone should hear the messages, but not everyone has the opportunity to attend. Since the messages are so beneficial to the members of the church, you can watch rebroadcasts of a selection of the talks that are available. If you … Continue reading

LDS Acronyms

Last week, we talked about the secret language Latter-day Saints are slowly developing. This week, I’d like to continue my status as Bendict Arnold and share a few acronyms that might crop up in Mormon conversations or blogs. Soon, you, too, will be able to communicate with Latter-day Saints. LDS – The most obvious of acronyms, LDS stands for “Latter-day Saint”, which is, in itself, a condensed version of the church’s true name, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint.” However, if you identify a member of the church as a Latter-day Saint, 99.99% of the people you talk … Continue reading

Church Schools

This is the time of year when seniors are graduating from high school and preparing to go to college. In the church there are a lot of people who have a strong desire for their children to attend church schools (BYU, BYU Idaho, BYU Hawaii or the LDS Business College). These are good schools and difficult to get into. The majority of the applicants are not accepted. I am admittedly among those who definitely want my kids to go to BYU—my husband and I both did—in fact I have already told my five year old that is where she should … Continue reading

BYU Squares Off Against the U

Today is the all-important BYU versus U of U football game. It really is a big deal. Sadly I cannot watch it because the house I am at for the weekend does not receive the station. For those of who grew up in Utah or as diehard BYU fans you may understand what I am talking about. For those of who do no follow football or care nothing for either of the teams then this blog will not matter to you. I grew up in a household with a true blue all the way through BYU football fan—my dad. He … Continue reading

BYU Football

My dad is one die-hard Cougar fan. Every year he purchases ticket to the BYU football games. For this reason as the cool weather approaches, my memory wanders back to the days of sitting in the stands, and watching the football game progress. I went to my first football game before I was a year old. Of course I do not remember it, but my mom said she spent most of the time wandering through the stadium, because I wasn’t happy. As I grew older I have memories that I will never forget. I loved looking across the stadium to … Continue reading

Personal Enrichment Course from BYU

The free web courses that are offered through BYU’s independent study program are a great resource for church members. The classes are offered on a variety of topics and are available to complete at your own pace. The classes do not require extra textbooks, though you will need to provide your own scriptures. The courses cover a range of topics. There are several courses on family history work. These include basic introductory courses and more in depth looks on how to research a particular country’s record system. There are several religion classes offered. These classes are designed to supplement your … Continue reading

A Website to Learn More About Church Schools

A great web site that I have discovered is It is a church sponsored web site and it contains information about the church schools. It also has a link to the Institute program’s website. This is great site for your teenagers who are beginning to prepare for college. One section is designed for middle school and junior high school students. It talks about the importance of planning to attend college now. It lists steps that students will need to complete in order to be accepted into a church school. One thing the site recommends is to be sure to … Continue reading

Interview with NBC’s East Coast Sportscaster, Vai Sikahema – Part 4

7. As a husband, what is the greatest measure of your success? That my wife loves me and I’m still madly in love with her. We’ve just passed that threshold where we’ve spent over half of our lives with each other. She was 18 and I was 21 when we met and married. Today, she’s 40 and I’m 43. We’ll celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary in July. I’m sometimes amazed that we married so young, but that’s just part of the culture in the Church. When a young man returns from his mission, he’s counseled to marry and start a … Continue reading