Celebrities Who Have Lost Children

As I read the headlines about Mike Tyson’s daughter, Exodus, dying after being strangled by the cord on a treadmill, it made me realize that celebrities don’t always have the charmed lives we believe they do. Many have suffered what many consider the worst thing that can happen – the loss of a child. One of the most recent celebrity child tragedy was that of John and Kelly Travolta’s son Jett, who died of a seizure in January 2009, but there have been plenty more. Some were results of accidents, some of overdoses, and some of diseases, but all were … Continue reading

Bill Cosby Speaks Out About Obama Win

Given all that we know about Bill Cosby, would any of us really be surprised if President-elect Barack Obama asked the actor to become an advisor on education issues? I know I wouldn’t. The award-winning actor/comedian/author turned education advocate isn’t publicly addressing offers by Obama (right now anyway), but he is speaking out about his influence on the nation’s first African-American president. There’s an argument circulating around media-types that Cosby’s mega-successful NBC sitcom “The Cosby Show” (which aired from 1984-1992) laid the groundwork for President-elect Obama by presenting an appealing black family to influential young voters, who grew up equipped … Continue reading

Celebrity Drops Outs

Being a celebrity is hard, especially if you are a child star. Many are so focused on their careers that they forgo something many of us take for granted – a high school education. And while many of them will make more as high school drop outs that most of us with diplomas, there is a certain pride in finishing school. Christian Slater was one of those that realized that. The new star of NBC’s “My Own Worst Enemy” told Parade Magazine that he had to “swallow his pride” and go back to school with students much younger than himself … Continue reading

This Week in History – July 5, 1998

It was the week of July 5, 1998 – were you getting ready to party like it was 1999? Let’s see what was happening in the world of pop culture. In national news, Dow-Corning finally reached a settlement with women who had received silicone breast implants. The company was ordered to pay more than 170,000 women $3.2 billion dollars. In international news, Hong Kong’s Kai Tak airport closed after 73 years in service to make way for a new $20 billion dollar facility. In computer news, the introduction of USB ports had computer users very excited. The USS Harry S. … Continue reading

Supernanny Reaches out to Britney Spears and Where You Can Buy Bill Cosby’s Sweaters

Move over Mel Gibson, “Supernanny” Jo Frost says she has what it takes to get Britney Spears’ life back in order. She’s already given childrearing on-air advice to singer Wendy Wilson and now Frost says she has her sights set on helping Spears. Though it might be tough to help someone who doesn’t think she has a problem. The star of ABC’s “Supernanny” tells TV’s “Entertainment Tonight” that she believes the rehabbing pop diva loves her children very much and she would love nothing more than to “be able to put her on the right track and feel more empowered … Continue reading

Bill Cosby Strikes Again

I don’t know about you but I love it when Bill Cosby shows up to guest speak at public functions. The Jell-O king never minces words and his tough talk is always dead on. Yesterday the 70-year-old comedian appeared at a conference of community associations to address the ills facing African Americans. As he often (see: always) does at events like these the award-winning actor dished out yet another harsh analysis on the state of African American culture by targeting families in which “babies are wearing $40 sneakers while their mothers are feeding them Oodles of Noodles.” Ouch, right? Not … Continue reading

Highs and Lows of Stardom

He’s an award-winning actor, a world-famous comedian, and an accomplished author and now the legendary Bill Cosby is adding another line to his resume—recording artist. The 70-year-old actor is just a few weeks away from releasing his first hip-hop album, but don’t expect to hear The Cosby Show star to rap on any of the tracks. The advocate of higher education has long claimed rap has a “negative” influence on society and didn’t want to taint his album with a sound that he says is “profane for no reason.” The actor’s new CD, Cosby Narratives Vol. 1: State of Emergency, … Continue reading

Stars Making History on Screen and Off

In the battle over the longest-running role in ad industry Captain Kirk has put the smackdown on Fat Albert. They are two men you rarely see in the same room together let alone the same TV spot, but William Shatner and Bill Cosby recently battled it out for top banana of television commercials. Shatner just celebrated his 10th anniversary with the online travel company Priceline.com and has now eclipsed Cosby (who remarkably was up for the same role) as longest running pitchman for a name brand company. Priceline execs say the former Captain Kirk beat out the former Cliff Huxtable … Continue reading

TV Update: Good News Bad News

HOORAY! Today is a great day in our home… thanks to Bill Cosby. The comedian’s efforts to improve education have made my 3-year-old daughter’s day. She is a huge fan of Cosby’s animated series “Little Bill,” which used to air weekdays on Nickelodeon and Sunday mornings on CBS. The show was yanked about a year ago and my daughter was devastated. She loved watching “Little Bill’s” adventures with his hamster “Elephant” and his friend “Andrew.” Then one day—BAM! He was gone. I searched the Internet and no luck. “Little Bill” was gone (save for some video games on the Nick … Continue reading

Pop Culture Potpourri: Bill Cosby’s Plea To Parents, “Borat’s” Going To Be A Parent, and More

BILL COSBY’S PLEA TO PARENTS Bill Cosby has never been one to hold his tongue when it comes to the issue of raising better children and this week was no exception. Yesterday, the actor joined several hundreds of anti-violence advocates for a march through West Philadelphia. He later called on parents and community elders to encourage children to help stop a wave of violence that has plagued the city for more than a year. And in true Cosby fashion he didn’t mince words. “You’ve got to teach your children how to think,” Cosby said. “You watch one blow the other … Continue reading