Lose Weight, Avoid Breast Cancer?

I have already made up my mind that after the holidays, I am dieting.  Of course, I’ve said that on and off now for the last two years, but next June, I turn 50 and I know it will just get harder and harder to lose weight. Today, I read another incentive to help me take the pounds off.  A recent study by Dr. Paul S. MacLean, associate professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, and colleagues hints to the fact that perimenopausal women may be able to lessen their chances of getting breast … Continue reading

In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here are three foods to fight cancer and a recipe to implement tonight. Salmon Eating fish twice a week is a healthy step that can help fight cancer if that fish is salmon. Salmon is rich in fish oil and contains omega-3 fatty acids. Research has shown that omega-3 fatty acid lowers the risk of breast cancer. It also is an anti-inflammatory and improves blood flow. Tomatoes Another anti-inflammatory food is tomatoes. Tomatoes contain lycopene which helps fight cancer as it is an antioxidant. It is a versatile vegetable that can be used … Continue reading

I Got My Spirit Back

There is something that cancer definitely did for me; well ok there are a few. One is it gave me my voice back and it gave me courage to stand up for myself. For many years since I moved to Texas and married my husband I allowed certain people in my extended family to treat me in a way that I never would have before. I was always the kind of girl to confront things head on. For example when I was a lot younger there was a guy I liked and when we parted ways because he went back … Continue reading

The Big Reveal

Well it is now week 10 on crutches and I am not coordinated for crutches. A friend of mine has a thing where you put your knee on and use your other leg to walk. It feels almost like a skateboard but it is so much easier to use than crutches. Today is the day that I can remove the bandages and see how well they did with the tattoos. I am a little nervous I really hope that they look ok. I carefully took the bandages off and jumped in a shower to get rid of any extra ink. … Continue reading

Oncology Follow Up

Time again for my oncology appointment, this is only a checkup but even today the stress of going to these appointments stresses me out. Today I will be getting the results of my newest blood work. When the oncologist orders the lab work she does a complete CBC but she also does a tumor marker test. The tumor marker test is a wonderful test that checks my blood for certain antigens that show in the blood. There is always some in the blood but the purpose is to keep checking them to be sure they don’t reach a certain level … Continue reading

Thanks To A Friend

There are some benefits that joining Face Book that you may not think about. When you think of Face Book you think about people reconnecting with old loves and old friends but you don’t think about getting incredible support in your journey through cancer. I have found that cancer has touched a great deal of lives in my old hometown of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. There are many of my former classmates that have battled cancer. It was surprising to me to see all the people that have either battled cancer themselves or a loved one of theirs did. It was … Continue reading

Nipple Reconstruction

Well ok I need to make a decision as to whether I want to have the nipple reconstruction surgery or not. I really don’t want to have any more surgeries but the Barbie Boobies that I have now don’t look all that real without the finishing touches if you know what I mean. The doctor said it is a real easy surgery and I finally agreed to do it. A few weeks before Christmas I decide to go and have the surgery done. The doctor explained how they make them but it sounds weird so I won’t even explain it. … Continue reading

First Support Group Meeting

My oncologist thought that if I joined a support group for breast cancer survivors that it may help me with some of my stress. When I first walked into the room I was the only one not a member of AARP! I really did not understand how sitting with a bunch of older ladies would be beneficial to me. None of these women have small kids, a full time job and the life of someone under 40. While I was getting to know the women I found that they all were diagnosed post-menopausal well into their golden years. The ladies … Continue reading

Inspirational Survivor

So I have been chosen an Inspirational Survivor with a local Breast Cancer charity called the Jim and Joanie Hatcher Charitable Trust. Mr. Hatcher started this as a way to celebrate men and women battling breast cancer the disease that took his wife from him. Every year the organization would throw a luncheon for survivors celebrating another year in the fight. I received a gift bag with some pink pearls and pink pearl earrings and a photo shoot with a portrait studio. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate having my picture taken. I am not really feeling super … Continue reading

Celebrate Everything

A lady from my breast cancer support group nominated me for The Inspirational Survivor award for a local breast cancer charity and I got chosen. She had to write a letter telling me why I was an inspiration and she said some wonderful things about me; I paid her a lot to say them, just kidding. The letter mentioned how we had adopted our three kids, how my husband had battled cancer first and then I did and how we were making gift bags for cancer patients as they were completing their treatments. The bags were nothing fancy just a … Continue reading