Tips for Scrapbooking Summer Camp Experiences

It seems only fitting with my two teen children off at summer camp for a week long sleepover adventure, that I would take on this topic. There will probably be more to say when they return home as well as layouts to share, and then the younger kids go next month so I am sure they will do things differently. Summer camp is often a great memory of your childhood so it should definitely be scrapbooked. Here are some ideas for doing so. Send a camera with them. It doesn’t have to be a fancy expensive camera, a disposable is … Continue reading

Luxury Camping Without the High End Prices

Like mother like daughter I guess. I blame my lack of enthusiasm for camping on my mother who, like many others out there, does all her “camping” at a Hilton. Which is not to say that I have never pitched a tent and lived off the land during the summer months. (You can read about my first camping trip here.) I just don’t seem to embrace the experience of roughing it as much as others. However, there is an entirely different breed of lodging in the great outdoors that I am quite interested in—luxury camping. Did you know that there … Continue reading

Creative Camp Ideas

Camping can be a great experience for kids, but it is usually far from frugal. Now is the time to take a look at camps, since many of them fill up quickly. But how can you fit the camp experience into a frugal budget? Here are some ideas. Church Camps Our local church offers a few different daytime summer camps for kids. Fees range in price from free to $65 for the week (and that includes sports equipment and a t-shirt). There is the traditional bible camp, but there is also a basketball camp, a soccer camp, a cheerleading camp, … Continue reading

Young Women: Camp

It is time to start preparing for your young woman to go camping for the summer. Young Women’s camp is a great experience for most girls. The camp should teach good survival and nature skills (although many of these will be covered in pre-camp activities) and it allows your girls to grow spiritually. If you are the parent of a young woman, you should encourage your daughter to attend. Many camps now take place in cabins at nice campgrounds. There are not as many wards that camp in tents anymore. This can make camp less intimidating for those girls who … Continue reading

Young Women: Camp Planning Pamphlet

There is a new guide for leaders to help them plan for young women’s camp. This pamphlet is pretty straightforward, but it does make the planning process much easier. The guide will be shipped out to local units, as they are prepared. Initially the guide will only be available in English and Spanish, but they will ship out guides in other languages as soon as the translation is completed. One of the things that stood out in the planning process was the focus on the spiritual aspects of camp. It emphasizes that camp is designed to help the young women … Continue reading

Camping Etiquette

My aunt lives just miles from where fire ravaged more than 250 homes in the Lake Tahoe area last month. According to officials, the blaze displaced 3,500 residents and caused more than $160 million in damage. Fire investigators are now saying that a campfire may be to blame for starting the inferno. In light of the tragedy that occurred at one of our family’s favorite vacation destinations I’ve decided to list some camping reminders. Summertime is typically when thousands of families take to the woods to enjoy time in the great outdoors. If you’re one of them consider some of … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Summer Camp

Camp is just part of every child’s summer experience. Nowadays, there are so many different types of camps nationwide, that there is positively something for every hobby, collector and activity that children enjoy participating in. With all these different camps, and all the activities that go on at the camps, how do we commemorate them all? Here are some easy solutions and tips, to make scrapbooking your child’s summer camp experience, just a little easier. Questions and Answers Each afternoon when your child returns home, begin asking questions about what they did, what they saw, which activities they enjoyed and … Continue reading

Should I Send My Homeschooler to Summer Camp? Perhaps No

We are now on the verge of summer and many homeschooling families are contemplating summer activities. The question of summer camp is on the forefront of many people’s minds. So should a homeschooling family send the children off to camp? I have already mentioned the reasons why you might want to send your homeschooler to summer camp. Here are some reasons you might not want to send them to summer camp. Summer camp may open them up to public school problems. Summer camp is often just public school once removed. Many of the issues you hoped to avoid by homeschooling … Continue reading

A Week at Royal Family Kids’ Camp Part 2

You can read the first part of this blog here. *All children’s names have been changed. Kevin, who is referred to often, is my husband who also served with me at Royal Family Kids’ Camps. Wednesday Night We had some visitors while we slept last night. I woke up to go to the bathroom with one of the girls and staring at me was a big fat raccoon! I screamed which in turn caused my camper to scream and become hysterical. Before I could count to three to get my bearings about me, the whole cabin was awake and screaming. … Continue reading

Operation Military Kids

Remember when summer camp meant being bussed to a lake surrounded by cabins; where you would participate in arts-and-crafts; learn how to paddle a canoe; and stuff your face with s’mores? Nowadays, there seems to be a specialized camp for everything and everyone. From Space Camp to Weight Loss Camp, Foreign Language Camp to Bible Camp and now… Military Camp. Before you get the wrong idea, this camp is not a place parents send their wayward children, rather it is a summer camp program specifically designed for youngsters whose parents are heading off to war. Its official name is: Operation … Continue reading