Product Review: Canvas On Demand

Recently I discovered Canvas On Demand. They turn your photos into stunning canvas art. It’s really pretty awesome. They can also create photo collages. Their collages are more than just a collection of images. They visually tell a story, commemorate an event or celebrate someone special. They are amazing and beautiful. A photo collage on canvas makes a wonderful anniversary gift, Mother’s Day gift or Father’s Day gift. How it works is, they take any picture and can create either a Photorealistic™ on a textured canvas or one done with Light BrushStokes™. In which the artist reproduces the canvas in … Continue reading

Reclaiming Unused Spaces: Treating Ceilings

Now that your basement or attic is free of clutter, you can begin the transformation. Start by looking up. If the ceiling is unfinished, it is probably dusty and dark. First, remove any dust. Using your vacuum is a great way to handle this problem. Next, decide if you want to cover the ceiling, or if it happens to be a rather low ceiling, if you want to leave it exposed.* Adhering Fabric Using fabric to cover unfinished ceilings instead of applying drywall will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. In fact, canvas drop cloths work great. … Continue reading

Custom Decor Elements

Here’s a fun idea for creating custom decor elements. Stencil and paint names or words onto canvas or other fabric and use these items as shower curtains, window treatments, and bedding. Continue the stencils onto the wall, furniture, lampshades, trashcans, and other accessories. You can buy stencils or create your own on the computer by typing out words, letters, numbers, or names in different fonts. Print them off and cut them out to make stencils. Scissors may not work well for every cut, so you may need a penknife for some of the cuts. Be sure to place wood, heavy … Continue reading