Sandra Bullock’s Adoption Finalized

I love Sandra Bullock as an actress. Her movies are outstanding and she finally achieved well-deserved recognition with an Academy Award for The Blind Side. The first movie where she caught my attention was Demolition Man. That is an awful movie. Her career obviously survived. My very favorite Sandra Bullock movies are Miss Congeniality and Two Weeks’ Notice. Practical Magic has just recently become a must-see Sandra Bullock movie. I finally saw Hope Floats and While You Were Sleeping too. I have yet to watch the award-winning The Blind Side. Like many people who tend to follow celebrities through movies, … Continue reading

Celebrity Births

I love hearing labor and delivery stories. Whether I’m talking to friends, relatives, or watching TLC’s “A Baby Story,” I can’t get enough of the different experiences women have. Some go all natural, some get an epidural the second they arrive at the hospital, and many fall in between. Some births are scheduled C-sections, some are induced, and some begin all on their own. Many women give birth in the hospital, while others opt to give birth at a birthing center, or even at home. I often find myself wondering, “What type of labors and deliveries do celebrities have?” There … Continue reading

Celeb Updates: Tori Wants Work and Jessica Wants to Marry

Now that Jennie Garth has signed up to return to her old stomping grounds, fellow “Beverly Hills, 90210” original cast member Tori Spelling is vigorously lobbying to return to the zip code that made her famous as well. According to reports, Spelling is currently in heated negotiations with producers of the CW’s new “Beverly Hills, 90210.” Insiders say the 35-year-old actress wants desperately to reprise her role as Donna Martin, especially now that her pal Garth has sealed the deal to guest star as a guidance counselor on the new show. Yesterday Spelling told PEOPLE magazine: “Jennie is already on … Continue reading

Kid Rock to the Rescue

His raucous reputation precedes him most of the time, but this next story just might change your opinion on Kid Rock. The singer may never have pledged an oath to the Boy Scouts when he was a youngster, but he certainly has shown that he can be counted on like one when times are tough. The famous rocker is making headlines for coming to the rescue of a Florida Boy Scout troop that lost nearly $10,000 worth of equipment to thieves. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Kid Rock was in town for a weekend concert when he learned about the … Continue reading

Neil Young Gets His Own Spider

Hey, don’t step on that spider! It might be a Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi. A what? Yes, it is true – rocker Neil Young has had a spider named after him. Jason Bond, a biologist at East Carolina University, has discovered a new species of the trapdoor spider. When you discover a new species, you get the honor of naming it. Bond’s favorite musician is Neil Young, so voila – the Myrmekiaphila neilyoungi was born. Bond explained that while there are strict rules about how you name your new species, you could use any name you like as long as you follow … Continue reading

Mario Lopez is Single Again

They said it wouldn’t last… and I agreed. Sources close to Mario Lopez and his flexible former “Dancing with the Stars” pro partner Karina Smirnoff confirm that the dark-haired duo have called it quits. The couple first sparked rumors of a romance when they were partnered during the popular dance competition’s third season. Interestingly, the pair never once publicly acknowledged that they were dating despite being photographed canoodling at dozens of celebrity events. Now it appears Smirnoff is waltzing out of Lopez’s life… and his Los Angeles home—-the place she has reportedly been living for more than a year now. … Continue reading

Real Stars Don’t Sign Wallpaper

Not that anyone should mistake Paris Hilton for a real movie star, but the truth is she did reportedly sign her name on expensive wallpaper (yes, folks apparently she does know how to spell her name)… and now she’s paying the price for it. Well, her daddy will likely pick up the tab—–details, details. According to news reports, the socialite has been permanently banned from an upscale Russian hotel after signing her name with a permanent marker on its very, very expensive wallpaper. You would think that being a hotel heiress (never mind that she is also 27 years old) … Continue reading

Rapper to Wed in Jail

Michele and I have blogged about a lot of celebrity weddings. There was the over the top wedding of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker in Paris. There was the extravagant wedding of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban down under. And just this past week, there was the low key wedding of Beyonce and Jay-Z at his Tribeca penthouse apartment. But, I don’t think either of us have blogged about a wedding in prison – until now! Rapper Remy Ma (real name Remy Smith) is a Grammy nominated recording artist who just happens to be sitting in Rikers Island jail for … Continue reading

What Do Farrah Fawcett and Britney Spears Have in Common?

Other than the fact that they once shared the same hair color. It appears that both famous blondes have been victims of snooping medical employees at UCLA Medical Center. In a previous blog I detailed the ugly incident involving medical staff that leaked private information from Britney Spears’ files to the press. More than a dozen employees were fired or disciplined in that matter. Now, UCLA officials say they just fired another employee for snooping in Farrah Fawcett’s medical records. And get this… it was Fawcett who brought the leak to her doctor’s attention. According to the Los Angeles Times, … Continue reading

Moving On: Mills and McCartney

Less than a week after their divorce was finalized ex-super celebrity couple Paul McCartney and Heather Mills showed up in front of cameras… a half a world a way from each other. The former Beatle was snapped getting in some R&R with rumored ladylove Nancy Shevell during a tropical getaway on the coast of Antigua. PEOPLE magazine is reporting that the low-key couple have secluded themselves in a $2,375-a-night two-bedroom suite with a kitchen and beachside balcony at Jumby Bay, a posh resort on a 300-acre private island. Their days in paradise have reportedly been spent taking long walks along … Continue reading