Scrapbooking with Awards, Certificates, Medals and More

It is that time of year again, where the books are being turned back in, desks and lockers are being cleaned out, pencils boxes with two markers, one broken crayon, two dull pencils and a chewed eraser are coming home and then the countless papers, and projects are finally able to be returned. But it’s also a time, when many children receive awards, medals, certificates and other items, commemorating their special achievements throughout the year. Perhaps it was for perfect grades, or just really great grades. Maybe it was for perfect attendance, which might not seem like such a big … Continue reading

Make Money Printing Certificates

What kind of certificates? Just a printed piece of paper that says Congratulations or Most Valuable Player can help you earn extra money at home. When my oldest son began playing soccer, I thought of making my son a certificate. Certificate borders are available online for free or special certificate software can also be purchased. I went out to the local computer supply store and purchased a package of certificates. They weren’t too fancy, just a blue border and sold for less than $7 for a box of 50 sheets. The sheets can also be found with a nice border … Continue reading