All about ‘The Night Before Christmas’

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse… (This image comes from the Project Gutenberg archives. This is an image that has come from a book or document for which the American copyright has expired and this image is in the public domain in the United States and possibly other countries.) Most of us are very familiar with the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” but you may not know very much about it. First of all, no one is really sure who wrote it. It is usually attributed … Continue reading

‘Twas the Day Before Christmas…

‘Twas the day before Christmas And there was excitement galore. The stockings were hung And presents were piled on the floor. Garland graced the stairs And ornaments adorned the tree Just begging to be batted By Mr. Meow and Tabby. But good they were being Because if they were not The man named St. Nick Would leave them to rot. Stayed away from temptation Did Murph and the cats And steer clear they made sure Of tantrums and spats. For they knew the man who bore gifts Kept lists of the naughty and nice And desperate were they to prove … Continue reading

One Day ‘til Christmas

I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve already. Dinner will be served around 2:00 at our house, and we’re having grilled ham, broccoli, corn, scalloped potatoes from scratch, yeast rolls, and cheesecake for dessert. Of course, there will be cookies and fudge available too. Do you open a gift, or all your gifts on Christmas Eve or do you save them for Christmas Day? We will each open one small gift later and then we’ll put out cookies and milk for Santa and hang up the stockings. Daddy will read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas just before our youngest gets tucked … Continue reading

Two Days ‘til Christmas

Well, there are only two more days until Christmas but that means only one more day until Christmas Eve. Since many people enjoy at least part of their celebration on Christmas Eve, time is getting short! What do you have planned for tomorrow? If you still have things left to buy, hopefully you can get those last minute gifts or stocking stuffers today. Stores can be pretty crazy on Christmas Eve, but worse yet, they’re also likely to be very picked over. On the other hand, if you know a store that puts a lot of stuff on sale at … Continue reading

It’s Exactly One Month until Christmas Eve

Eeek! Thirty days is not a lot of time. Here I was, being lazy, enjoying my Black Friday day off yesterday, when suddenly I realized things are about to move into high gear. Christmas is well on the way! My husband was already ready to put up the tree, but he had no chance of persuading me yesterday. I was tired! Today might be another story. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to get things going. It will take some rearranging, and if we can at least get the tree up, get the lights and ornaments sorted out, … Continue reading

It’s Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Wow! Christmas Eve sure arrived fast. I hope everyone is ready. I’m almost there and I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten anything that will land me in a store today. It has been my goal to avoid shopping on Christmas Eve. Are your kids brimming with excitement? I think I am just as filled with anticipation as my children are. I can’t wait to see their faces when they open their gifts tomorrow morning, and I’m sure it will be early in the morning! I think I’ve got everything ready to go, so I should be … Continue reading

Christmas Eve – O, Holy Night

Good morning, today is Christmas Eve and it’s an important part of the holidays with personal celebration, family time and for many, Christmas Eve services at their local Church. For us, Christmas Eve is a time to get together with family and we exchange family gifts and later after our daughter goes to bed, my husband and I will curl up and watch a favored movie or just talk for a few hours under the lights of the Christmas tree. Thinking About the Future I always think about the future on Christmas Eve. I know a lot of people who … Continue reading

Making Christmas Traditions

Today is the first day of Christmas and the countdown has officially begun. The Christmas season is one of rich family traditions. When my husband and I got married we each brought some of the traditions surrounding the holidays into our own family. Having traditions gives our children something to look forward to and brings our family closer together. Here are some of the Christmas traditions that our family has. Starting with the first day of December my children have several advent calendars that we use to count down the days until Christmas. The first is a Nativity Scene where … Continue reading

Christmas Eve Magical Photo Opportunities

Everyone knows that Santa comes on Christmas eve to bring all of the good little girls and boys, presents and toys to fill their stockings and to fill under the tree. It’s a busy night for many parents, as preparations come under full swing late into the evening hours as our children are nestled snuggly in bed. Because of how crazy Christmas Eve can be, you might forget some of the great opportunities to take pictures. This is a special night, and children are usually radiant with excitement. Smiles so big they aren’t sure what to do with them. Energy … Continue reading