Creative Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention – Charlotte, North Carolina 2008

It isn’t too late, even though the date is rapidly approaching. This year Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention (CKC) ’08 is coming to Charlotte, North Carolina on August 15-16, 2008. And while it is coming up fast, there is still time to register and sign up for classes and workshops. You have until Sunday, July 27 at 12 midnight Easter Standard Time to register online for the first pick of your favorite classes and crops. And if you register online between now and Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time, you will receive a free gift from Wausau … Continue reading

So You Want To Be a CK 2008 Hall of Fame Winner

It is that time of year again. The contest has begun for the 2008 Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame. If you have never been published, and always dreamed of having your layouts published, now might just be the time for you to get involved. If you need more inspiration and help, the December issue of Creating Keepsakes will be filled with some. This is traditional and will help your entries thrive. There are so many different rules to adhere to. In light of the latest CK controversy, please be sure that your entries for Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame are … Continue reading

Where Are All The Scrapbook Magazines? (2)

In an earlier article, I exposed some older scrapbooking magazines that have now gone defunct. Now its time to take a closer look at scrapbooking magazines in more recent years. Creating Keepsakes My favorite, still. It has almost always had a place in the industry since I can remember. The leader in scrapbooking magazines as well as idea books, Creating Keepsakes is one of those resources you come back to again and again. Still standing after over ten years, it isn’t going anywhere for a long time to come. Making Memories This would be the other “original” scrapbook magazine. Again, … Continue reading

Where Are All the Scrapbook Magazines? (1)

In recent months, it seems many scrapbook magazines have gone way ward. In fact, I’m not sure why, because a few of them were very popular and were a wonderful addition to the scrapbooking world. So where did all the scrapbook magazines go, and who’s left standing? Well, in order to truly talk about all the scrapbooking magazines that have disappeared, I have to go way back. Pebbles in My Pocket The first one to leave was called Pebbles in My Pocket, which was a catalog mixed with an idea book and then later became just an idea magazine with … Continue reading

Creating Keepsakes 2007 Top 10 Issue

I love making lists. It is very satisfying to make a list and see everything that needs to be done all in one place. Maybe that is why I really enjoyed reading Creating Keepsakes Top 10 Issue that recently came out. They cover 9 topics and include a list of their top 10 ideas for that topic. This issue is part of the regular Creating Keepsakes subscription, but if you are not a subscriber, you can pick up your own copy at your favorite scrapbook,craft store or online at Creating Keepsakes. I think this issue has a great balance of … Continue reading

New Creating Keepsakes Products

Creating Keepsakes Magazine has been an industry leader in the scrapbooking community for 10 years. They started as a magazine and have expanded to offer Creating Keepsakes University, CK Conventions, an online store, books, and so much more. They are now expanding their products to offer scrapbooking products. The new products look very interesting and I thought that I would share them with you. Organizational Products They are offering a nice variety of organizational products. One of my favorite things about them is the color combination of light blue and brown. They have paper organizers that hold 12 X 12 … Continue reading – A New Scrapbooking Website

Creating Keepsakes Magazine has always been on the cutting edge in the scrapbooking industry and can be trusted to deliver fresh and current ideas every month. CK Media is now branching out to bring us every more ideas and inspiration, but instead of on a monthly basis, this new creation will be able to inspire us daily. CK Media has created, which contains new scrapbooking news and information daily. There will be online tips and videos for viewers to watch. This just launched and so there is not a lot of information up on the site yet, but the … Continue reading

Creating Keepsakes Challenges

Are you looking for some new ways to add a little more excitement to your creative process? I’ve just come across some great challenge ideas at the Creating Keepsakes website that could fill hours of scrapbooking fun. They have two great challenge areas on the site. Both of them will help you generate new ideas and push your creativity to a new level. The Random Challenge Generator is where you get to choose the categories where you would like to be challenged. Some of the categories are number of photos, titles and lettering, shapes, journaling style, number of embellishments and … Continue reading

Favorite Scrapbook Magazines (1)

Scrapbook and paper craft magazines can be a great resource for finding inspiration and new ideas for preserving your memories. I would like to share some of my favorite magazines with you so that you will be able to determine which magazine might be right for you. Memory Makers. This was my first scrapbook magazine subscription. I have always generally enjoyed this magazine because of the interesting articles. They write features on people who have had scrapbooking change their lives and that is always interesting to read. The layouts are usually more advanced which I find fun to look at … Continue reading

Cruising and Crafting

Looking for a relaxing vacation created just for scrapbookers or paper crafters? How does a Southern European cruise or Caribbean cruise sound? Creating Keepsakes Magazine and Paper Crafts Magazine may have come up with your perfect vacation. Each magazine is hosting a cruise this Fall that will include exotic excursions and scrapbooking all in one. The Papercrafts’ 8-day cruise will be going to the Caribbean in November. If this November won’t work for you, they will also be cruising again next year. Check out their website for upcoming details. On this Caribbean cruise, you will complete a holiday card workshop … Continue reading