A Wedding Gift toTreasure

Is there a wedding coming up in your family? What about a unique wedding gift? In the marriage blog I wrote about a unique recipe book. This is adapted from that idea. What about giving the happy couple a book of the family’s favorite verses and those of family members? Each page could include a favorite bible verse or two as well as a few lines about why that verse is special to you. You might include an example of a situation or story of where that verse was a help to you in your life or a drawing, a … Continue reading

Eliminating Illiteracy

In England, Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary stated families spend four hours a day watching TV. “If they read to their children for a tenth of that time, we could practically eliminate illiteracy,” he said. Twenty four minutes -it’s not a lot of time over the course of a day. Let’s go one step further. Imagine the results if you read to your children from the bible for that time or even half of it. What impact would it have not only on their lives but on your own? For years our family had a time of bible reading just … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

Is it really Sunday? I’m exhausted today. I’ve got a ton of work to do and all these end of the year functions going on with our daughter. (Excuse me, I have to giggle over the thought of saying I have ‘functions’ to attend, but I do). Today is Mother’s Day and it’s a day that we honor the mothers in our lives. I like this day, of course, I’m a mom now and even though I’ve been a mom for years and I still have a hard time remembering that today is Mother’s Day. First Thing This Morning I … Continue reading

The Lighthouse

I was browsing eBay today and came across some certified prints from one of my favorite artists, Thomas Kinkade. One in particular of a lighthouse really inspired me to write. Well, actually, what it did was remind me of a song sung by the Christian band Audio Adrenaline called “Lighthouse” (lyrics provided at the bottom of this article). I began to think of my life and what it was like when I was drifting aimlessly while my eyes were shut. I can recall the spiritual battle for my soul; one side encouraging me to open my eyes and fix them … Continue reading

Why Should I Read the Pentateuch? Part 2

Part 1 of this series discussed the reasons why many people dread reading the first five books of the Bible, and why others do not attempt it at all. The following are a few suggestions for how to read the Pentateuch and enjoy it: 1. Read larger portions (four chapters or more) in one sitting. A mistake many people make when they sit down to read Leviticus, for example, is that they read only several verses to one chapter at a time. It is no wonder that when a month later, they are still reading the same book, they feel … Continue reading

Why Should I Read the Pentateuch? Part 1

Most of the people I know approach reading the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible, Genesis-Deuteronomy) with one of two feelings. Either they dread reading it, but do so out of a sense of obligation, or they start off determined to “just get through it”, and end up quitting somewhere in the middle of Leviticus. Genesis is usually pretty good reading, it is filled with many famous stories such as the Creation, Cain and Abel, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau and of course, Joseph and his coat of many colors. Even Exodus is pretty interesting with God … Continue reading

What is God Like?

As a Christian, I always think it is exciting when I find a verse in Scripture that gives me a clear picture of the Character of God. In Exodus 34, God tells Moses that He will pass by him and show him some of His glory. In fact, God says that His glory is so great that Moses will not be allowed to look on His face because the sheer magnificence of God would kill him. As God passes by Moses, He puts His “hand” over Moses’ eyes to protect Moses from seeing His face and dying. After He is … Continue reading

Why Should I Have My Devotions In the Morning?

In our heads, we all know that having personal time alone with God is vital to our Christian life. However, so often life seems to get in the way. Are you having trouble getting your time alone with God and making it count? Consider these reasons for having your devotions earlier in the day. 1. I know how hard it is to get up in the morning. However, the fact remains that for many people, if they don’t get their devotional time in the morning while the kids are still in bed, they won’t get it at all that day. … Continue reading

5 Tips For Having Devotions With Toddlers

Having family devotions with children at any age is a challenge. With young children especially, parents must combat the “wiggle worm” and a short attention span. However, family devotions are vital to the healthy spiritual life of a family. Young children are often taught to pray during family devotions. They learn to ask questions about God and talk about Him openly. Everyone in the family benefits from spending time together around God’s Word. For those of you with young children, here are a few tips to help you make family devotions a vital part of your family life. 1. Start … Continue reading

Are You A Parched Petunia?

Well, I’ve managed to do it again. A couple of months ago I bought two hanging baskets overflowing with pink, white and purple Petunias. They were lush and elegant. They reminded me of a Summer wedding. I proudly hung them by my screened in porch, where I have slowly watched them deteriorate. Their demise began because I was certain that they were getting plenty of rain water. I noticed one day that the leaves were wilted and I checked, only to find that my poor little flowers were totally parched. I did my best to nurse them back to health, … Continue reading