The Freedom That Comes with Digital Photography

Does anyone still use a traditional film camera these days? I’m sure some professional shooters and a few die-hards cling tightly to their trusty picture-taking tools, but for the most part, the industry has gone digital and most of us have followed without complaint. Personally, I don’t have a single complaint, especially since I was never fond of toting around dozens of rolls of extra film for my bulky point-and-shoot that never quite fit into my pocket or purse. I also dreaded waiting days to find out if the photos I snapped were worth saving. According to a new study, … Continue reading

Backing Up Your Digital Photos

Here’s a scary thought…your computer just crashed, and all your photos are gone in the blink of an eye or the strike of lightening. All of them. Gone. I don’t think any of us are prepared to walk away from all our photos without some emotional attachment. I know I’m not. If you ask many people what they’d grab out of their burning house, many would reply that they’d save their photos (or these days the computer that houses those photos). They’re the physical reminder of the memories we’ve built up over the years. So it makes sense that we’d … Continue reading

Organizing Your Photos: Digital Photos

The awesome thing about digital cameras is that you don’t waste any money on film. The scary thing about digital cameras is that you take hundreds of photos, which you either end up leaving on your memory card for ages or dumping onto your computer in batches (large or small) that may or may not have automatically named file folders and images. These images may live their lives with such descriptive names such as IMG_0468 living in the folder Roll 101. Yes, this is a real photo on my computer. It’s a lovely photo of my dad’s prize car, but … Continue reading

Why Invest in a Photo Scanner

So you finally moved into the 21st century and got yourself a digital camera. But what about all those boxes full of loose photos that are cluttering your basement. This might just be the perfect time to finally purchase a photo scanner. Spring cleaning can be made much easier with this simple piece of technology. For those of you who are not familiar with photo scanners they function like a copy machine, but instead of printing out paper copies they digitize photographs, slides, negatives and other records for you to store on your computer. Which means pictures of your son’s … Continue reading

Other Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Digital Photo Frame for Mother’s Day

In my previous blog I mentioned that digital photo frames are the hot ticket item this Mother’s Day. In that post I also discussed sizes, price points, and provided a list of the top sellers. However, there are a few more points your should be aware of prior to presenting one of these picture perfect gifts to the favorite women in your life. TOUCH CONTROLS Designers at Kodak say in an effort to do away with remote controls with barely-there buttons they created the “Quick Touch Border” and added it to two frames (so far). Kodak sells its 8-inch, EasyShare … Continue reading

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Digital Photo Frame for Mother’s Day

According to the cashier at my local Kohl’s department store, digital photo frames are the hottest buy this Mother’s Day. (The woman in front of me in line was purchasing one for her mom hence the info from the store employee.) I believe it. In fact, I wasn’t at all surprised by the claim given that just this past Sunday Circuit City held digital photo frame demonstrations at its stores nationwide. And it’s not just Mother’s Day. People are snatching them up to give as graduation gifts, for Father’s Day, birthdays and as wedding presents. So what do you need … Continue reading

Snapping Summer Memories—Going Digital

Since I failed miserably at my New Year’s resolution to get outdoors and capture more breathtaking winter shots I’ve decided to double up this summer. I plan to work overtime capturing my family’s summertime activities. And I know I am not alone. Summer is the time of year when most families head out on their annual vacations and snap happy parents’ give their fingers quite a workout. For those of you who are still relying on those disposable point-and-shoots to capture your sunny day memories perhaps the Summer of 2008 is when you go digital. I know. I know. Making … Continue reading

Do You Own a Flip Camera?

About 300 fans of “The View” can now answer that question with a hearty “YES!” On Monday, the ABC daytime chatfest gave Flip cameras to everyone in the audience. If you are a parent of a teen or are part of the YouTube generation yourself then you know the importance of having one of these snappy pocket-sized video cameras with the stylish exterior. The basic Flip video camera retails for about $120 and can hold about 30 minutes of video. It features a one-touch recorder that allows instant playback of video on your TV or PC, with no required software … Continue reading

Flickr Photo Sharing

Now that you have been taking some great digital photos, you’ll want to share them right? When you are done uploading them to your My Site here at, you might want a way to manage them and share them some more. Flickr is one of the many growing photo sharing websites that makes it easy to upload, organize and share digital photos. The basic premise of a photo sharing site such as Flickr is to give users a place to store digital photos. When you want to share a digital photo or group of photos, instead of the traditional … Continue reading

Silly Fun With Digital Photographs

Digital photography makes so many cool and creative projects possible. This blog isn’t about those projects though. Instead, it’s about a very silly game that your kids will love to play. It’s also a way to teach them some art terms. But mainly, it is just for fun. To start, make sure you have good saved copies of your digital pictures. You don’t want to lose those. Next, save a copy of those pictures. I like to name them something that lets me know they aren’t our “real” pictures, but pictures we can play around with. Once you have copies … Continue reading