Relief Society: Five Ideas for Preparedness Enrichment Activities

Several meetings in my stake and ward have centered on preparing yourself and your family for emergencies. Some people may not know how to prepare or have the time to do everything themselves. You can form a preparedness group or just offer classes on the topic. Here are five ideas for preparedness enrichment activities. 1) You can have an activity that focuses on preparing emergency kits for your ward members. You can either provide a list or actually provide the items for the people to come and assemble the kit. You may be able to get discounts on food this … Continue reading

Relief Society: Setting Up an Enrichment Playgroup

One popular idea for an Enrichment activity or group is to set up a playgroup for your ward. This is a great opportunity for those sisters who have young children. It gives the children a chance to form friendships with members of their ward. It also gives stay at home moms the opportunity to socialize and form friendships as well. It is important that everyone in the ward feels welcome to playgroup. Here are five tips to help your playgroup run smoothly. 1) It is best to have playgroup at the same time every week. This allows people to easily … Continue reading

Relief Society: Five Ideas for Enrichment Activities

One of the great blessings of being a member of Relief Society is the chance to attend Home, Family and Personal Enrichment meetings. The program recently changed which allows more freedom for the Relief Society presidency to meet the needs of the sisters in their ward. It is important to remember the Enrichment meetings should not be looked on as an added stress. Everyone is encouraged to attend the Enrichment meetings, which take place only four times a year. Enrichment activities are optional, and you can choose to attend according to your personal needs. Enrichment activities are designed to meet … Continue reading