Primary Time: Helping the Seriously Ill Child and Family

There may come a time when you a Primary child becomes gravely ill. This could range from cancer to a serious surgery to a serious infection that ends up with the child in the hospital. It can be difficult for the family to cope. The child may be lonely and discouraged. You can rally the Primary to help support the child and his family. Here are five tips to help this go smoothly. 1) Contact the parents and see what you can do to help. You may need to find out who can visit and when. Some children are not … Continue reading

Planning for Sudden Illnesses

One type of emergency is a sudden illness in the home. This does not have to be a serious illness. It can be as simple as a bout with a stomach bug, or a really bad cold. When you or a family member is feeling just rotten, it is important to have the proper supplies on hand. When you are planning for emergency food storage or preparedness, it is important to remember to have these supplies on hand as well. 1) You will want to have foods that are easy to eat, and easy on the stomach available for your … Continue reading