Tips for a Budget-Friendly Family Vacation

When the thought of taking your family out to dinner makes you cringe because of the expense, it is hard to contemplate taking everyone along for an actual vacation. Even though money concerns may make it seem as though you will never get away, you do have options, a number of them in fact. Here are some ways that you can stretch your vacation budget. 1. Look for the budget airline hubs Although airfare prices seem to be rising, there are a number of airline hubs that tend to have the cheapest airfare tickets. Some places are just less expensive … Continue reading

Vacationing with a Teenage Daughter

Our family just got back from a very educational vacation in Washington D.C. We actually stayed at a hotel in Virginia but everyday took a Metro into D.C. I really thought this was going to be an experience that my children would appreciate. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing the White House or the Capitol? Who wouldn’t want to see the original Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution? My 13-year-old daughter didn’t want to see those things. In her words the only thing that “rocked” was our hotel because it had a pool and access to computers so she … Continue reading

How Much More Fun Could a Kid Have?

It used to be that massive pools and room-service ice cream sundaes were all it took to appease children during hotel stays. These days select resorts around the country are going all out to attract young visitors in hopes that their parents will make the adventure a family tradition. It’s truly amazing what some properties are doing to insure kids experience a trip of a lifetime. For example, children are a top priority at the Inn of the Anasazi in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Not only are kids given the opportunity to take a cooking class with the hotel’s executive … Continue reading

Spring Break Fun

Personally, I would never consider taking a spring vacation to a ski resort, but that’s mainly because I am surrounded by snow and cold for roughly eight months of the year. For other families (like my brother’s) an ideal spring break consists of hitting the slopes and snowshoeing along finely groomed trails. If you are looking to take a ski vacation this spring, consider the following options in beautiful Utah. SNOWBIRD RESORT This resort offers full-service slope-side luxury lodgings suitable for serious skiers and snowboarders, as well as beginners. The resort is known for its extreme slopes, but also features … Continue reading

Getting Away as a Family

This past weekend our family visited the Rocky Mountain National Park. We try to get to the Rockies a couple of times a year. I call it getting my mountain fix. We almost always stay at the cabins at the YMCA Estes Park center. My husband and I have stayed there since before we had children. It’s a marvelous place for all ages. I call it summer camp for families. You can borrow all kinds of supplies like Frisbees, tennis rackets, clubs and balls for the putt-putt course, even daypacks for hiking. They also have activities for free or a … Continue reading

Vacation in Phoenix Arizona

Being born in Tucson and raised in Phoenix, I wanted to share some of my favorite vacation things to do in the Valley. Yes, Phoenix does get hot in the summertime and you have probably heard that dry heat is not as hot as wet heat, which is true. Even when temperatures reach 110 degrees or more (I remember one summer when temperatures hit 125), it is very, tolerable. Phoenix has grown dramatically over the years, making it a great place to spend vacation time, especially if you love shopping, swimming, and golfing. However, you can be sure there are … Continue reading