Taming the Freezer Monster

I have a monstrous amount of food in my freezer, and I think it’s alive. It’s a little sticky, and it’s got some nasty hard edges. Yesterday when I went down there to dig up some strawberries and cherries from the depths, it leapt onto my hand. I am sure it was trying to suck me in. I have a freezer packed full of fruit, jam, and other goodies from the rest of the growing season. This is wonderful. However, I must admit that it’s really quite hard to delve into the depths of the freezer and come out intact. … Continue reading

Taking Care of Leftovers

I have blogged before about the alarming amount of food waste in America.  But, I am guilty as well.  We often don’t finish an entire meal and leftovers go in the fridge, only to be thrown out later because we don’t want to eat that same thing again so soon. Freezing food, even leftovers, is always an option.  But, I always worry about freezer burn, which ruins the food.  What can we do to alleviate freezer burn?  Well, there are plastic bags that are airtight, helping you avoid freezer burn, but what if you are trying to avoid plastic?  Some … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of a Large Refrigerator

When we moved to our new home, one of the options we had was whether or not to keep the refrigerator that was already here. We had to leave our old one at our old home for the new owners. The refrigerator that went with our new home was old and small, so the decision wasn’t too hard to make on letting it go. This meant that we needed to shop for a new refrigerator. Because we were starting from scratch, we could pretty much pick out whatever refrigerator we wanted, within a reasonable budget of course. One of my … Continue reading

Cleaning and Organizing the Freezer

Cleaning out the freezer does not have to be tedious. It can actually be kind of fun. Discover what you have in the depths of your chest freezer or in the back of the freezer in your fridge and get creative. This is the perfect time to take a few minutes to explore new recipes or come up with some of your own. Some of our pantry cooking and freezer cooking times have led to favorite recipes that we still enjoy. Look through your cookbooks or check online for interesting recipes. You can find lots of great ideas in Food … Continue reading

Frugal Kitchen Tips

Here is a fun collection of very creative tips that will help you save money in the most used room in your house. I don’t know about you, but the kitchen is a big area where we spend money. Most of the cash is on food, of course. Take a look below and tell me which ideas are your favorites. It is a myth that you can’t freeze eggs. If you find them on sale or are lucky enough to be gifted from someone’s excess, take advantage of it and stock up. The secret to freezing eggs is to use … Continue reading

Freezer Cooking Weekend Preparations (2)

In honor of my upcoming freezer cooking weekend, I thought I’d take some time to share the preparation process up until the cooking day. I am hoping it will be helpful to you to see the steps that one must take to prepare. It takes a little bit of time, but is so worth it at the end. We’re at the new shopping list point. After you have scratched off your original list with the items you have on hand, it is now to re-write the list. You are only writing down the items you need to purchase at the … Continue reading

Freezer Cooking Weekend Preparations (1)

his coming weekend is another freezer cooking weekend for me. We have been in preparations for the past couple of days. I thought I’d give you a look into what my days look like in preparation and then actually doing the freezer cooking meals. I always thought it was funny that they called it freezer cooking, since it sounds like I’m cooking with my freezer, which is in no way what I am doing. In fact, I actually like the term Once a Month Cooking, because unless you do it less frequently or more often, it is the correct term. … Continue reading

Freezer Cooking: Filling Your Freezer

As I have mentioned in the past, to do a full two weeks to thirty days worth of meals, it is extremely helpful to own a stand alone freezer chest. We use ours not only for freezer cooked meals, but for great finds and sales at the store, when we need to freeze the items. However, learning how to pack the freezer so that you can get the most room from it, is important. Even if you only use a small top freezer, you still want to be sure you are organized well. While there is not a right or … Continue reading

Freezer Cooking: What If I Ruin It (2)

As I mentioned in the previous article, many first-time freezer cookers are worried that they will make a mistake or ruin a meal. There are several questions I have been asked, and I’d like to answer them for everyone. What if I want to try a new dish and I am not sure about how it will freeze or turn out when I am ready to serve it? I have an easy answer for that actually. Something I do often. Prepare the meal for your family one night. Take out a small portion and freeze it. Wait about a week … Continue reading

Less Time in the Kitchen = More Time For Your Home Business

Late last week, I asked you to consider whether or not it is time to hire some help for your home business, including childcare assistance, students to help with your paperwork or simply an occasional housekeeper. Today, I want to focus on some “do it yourself” ways to take control of your business, and your time. Take a moment to think about how much time you spend at the grocery store, cooking meals, planning meals and serving meals. If your family is anything like mine, it takes at minimum two hours on non-grocery days and up to four on grocery … Continue reading