Google Gives 3D Disney Tour

One of our more popular Disney and Travel topics here at is how to plan your Disney vacation. Even the most frugal of trips to a Disney attraction can be expensive. So it’s important to do a lot of research before embarking on a Disney vacation. Now Disney has partnered with Google to create a new way for web users to start researching and planning their trip to Disney World. Using the Google Earth program, downloadable onto your home computer, you can take a virtual tour of Disney World from the comfort of your own home. The Disney World … Continue reading

Should You Google Your Ex?

We all do it more than we would like to admit, google people from the past out of curiosity. We want to know how they are doing, Did they get married and have children? Are their parents doing well? I recently got back in touch with pretty much my entire elementary school class, and it was wonderful to reconnect and see how most of us are thriving in our adult lives. But when it comes to ex loves, is reconnecting really a good idea? I think the answer to this question is: it depends. It all depends on where you … Continue reading

New Cuil Search Engine Launched. Is it Good?

Big wigs at Google and IBM have launched a new search engine out of Menlo Park that promises to revolutionize searching on the web. As I write this, the engine claims to have indexed almost 122 billion different websites. It gets its results by ranking pages on content and relevance instead of popularity metrics. I took a look at the search engine today. I absolutely love the snazzy format. Instead of boring and unintuitive links with basic lines of text, you get these little paragraph like boxes of text that come complete with a photo or other image. The description … Continue reading

Yahoo Buys Video Service, Layoffs and More

Despite the issues surrounding a possible hostile takeover by Microsoft, the slumping Yahoo is actually spending money, to the tune of $160 million. Yesterday, the search engine giant completed a transaction to acquire the online video service, Maven Networks, Inc. Microsoft’s bid of more than $40 million, or $31 per share, was rejected by Yahoo, although now it seems that Yahoo may actually agree to the takeover, provided that Microsoft’s price is right. An asset manager of Legg Mason, Yahoo’s biggest shareholder, wrote a letter to investors saying that Microsoft would have to be closer to $40 a share to … Continue reading

Yahoo Rejects Microsoft Bid: No Solution Yet

Today, Yahoo rejected Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid to takeover the flagging company. Yahoo said that its board has decided that the offer would substantially undervalue Yahoo and its stock. There is no surprise that Yahoo has rejected the controversial offer from Microsoft, a company that tried to take over Yahoo once before. But, there is still no word yet on how Yahoo will match the proposed payoff from Microsoft to its Yahoo shareholders. Perhaps Yahoo is trying to get an even larger offer from Microsoft. Microsoft for its part has stated that it will keep coming back again and again. … Continue reading

Rivals in Yahoo Bidding War

It seems that Microsoft will not be alone for much longer. Two new companies are currently considering bidding on Yahoo, upping the ante and the drama of the possible hostile takeover of the search engine giant, Yahoo. Last week, Microsoft placed a bid of $44.6 billion to buy out Yahoo. Critics against Microsoft taking over Yahoo worry about anti-trust issues and a “MicroHoo” monopoly on e-mail and Internet services. Those for the bid say that it would be a way to bring down Yahoo’s competitor, Google. New information has emerged saying that Yahoo had rejected a similar bid from Microsoft … Continue reading

Microsoft Bid for Yahoo Heats Up

Last week, Microsoft made a 45 million dollar bid to buy Yahoo, swooping in shortly after the search engine giant announced that it would be forced to conduct employee layoffs sue to sagging funds. There are many critics against the move, and none taking more of a lead than rival search engine Google, which calls the bid an attempt at a hostile takeover.. Just yesterday, the chief legal officer of Google, David Drummer, made an announcement that Google will not sit quietly by on the sidelines as Microsoft attempts to monopolize the Internet. On his blog, Drummond said he questions … Continue reading

Google Books

One of the best ways to save money is to be certain that you actually want what you’re buying! I have recently discovered a tool that is a huge help when you’re considering buying a book. It’s called Google Book Search. When looking for a book on Google Book Search, you will often be able to read some of the book online. I have found that several books of interest to me were available as a limited preview. That means that the author or publisher gave permission to Google Books to show a preview of the book, usually several pages … Continue reading

Microsoft and Google Battling over Vista

It is well known that Microsoft and Google are far from best buddies. The two companies have been rivals for some time. Microsoft wants what Google has: the largest share of the search engine pie, and Google wants Microsoft to stay out of its space. There have been ongoing rumors about Microsoft purchasing Yahoo in order to achieve its goals. Microsoft says that it doesn’t need to buy Yahoo in order to compete with Google. The latest saga in this war has to do with the Vista operating system and its built-in search engine. Google accuses Microsoft of unfair practices, … Continue reading

Google Desktop

Can’t find that e-mail message from Lisa that had her phone number in it? And what ever happened to that photo of your son on the playground that you are sure you downloaded to your hard drive? With Google Desktop, you can easily search your entire hard drive to find what you need. Of course you are familiar with Google, the powerful search engine that you probably use everyday. In fact, it is so popular that it has spawned it’s own verb tense, as in “Okay, I admit it, I googled my old high school boyfriend, yesterday.” (Oh come on, … Continue reading