Vintage Pop-Up Cards – Taylor Hagerty

I love vintage greeting cards. For some reason I think they are particularly charming for the Valentine’s season. Vintage Pop-Up Cards: Making Your Own Timeless Treasures by Taylor Hagerty gives color reproducible patterns and instructions for making your own vintage looking cards. The book begins with an interesting history of pop-up cards. I had never considered how origami influenced pop-up books and greeting cards. Movable picture books have been around since 1860. In Vintage Pop-Up Cards, full patterns and instructions are provided for twenty-four Victorian looking cards. The images copy nicely. Instructions for reproducing the images, aging your paper, cutting … Continue reading

5 Ways to Save on Christmas Cards

With the holidays approaching and even the basics of the budget, such as food and gas costing more and more, it is really important to save where ever you can. I’ll be posting a series of articles about saving money during the holidays. Let’s start with something that generally comes early in the season, and that is Christmas or holiday greeting cards. Now this might not seem like a huge expense, but you have to factor in the cost of the cards themselves, as well as the postage. Here are some tips that will allow you to save some money … Continue reading

Happy Un-Valentine’s Day!

In a previous blog I told you that I won’t be partaking in a romantic dinner this Valentine’s Day. Nor, am I expecting to be showered with diamonds, rubies, sapphires or chocolates. That said; I am still looking forward to February 14th. Others I know are also looking forward to the day, but not because they are planning to mark the occasion with flowers and kisses. Rather, they are preparing to take part in “Anti-Valentine’s Day” festivities. “Anti-Valentine’s Day.” I had not heard of the, uh, “celebration(?)” until I came across an aisle of “Anti-Valentine’s Day” cards at a local … Continue reading

Hallmark and Join Forces

Hallmark and Join Forces We are all familiar with the Hallmark cards. They have been a long-time front runner in the greeting card business. Over the past few years, we have become more familiar with online greeting card companies. In an earlier blog, I shared some information about where you can go to create customized greeting cards, layouts and more. Now and Hallmark have joined together to bring you even more exciting features. The Hallmark service is available and can be downloaded free of charge. They are still working on a Mac version, so for all of … Continue reading

Creating and sharing digital scrapbook pages is becoming more popular with the creation of online sites with tools that make it so easy. is a new site with many fun and creative possibilities. You can create a nice variety of items on this site that you can share with others. This is not only for scrapbookers, but anyone who wants to share photos in a creative way. You just need to upload your photos to the site and then you can let the fun begin. One option that you have on the site is to create greeting cards. This … Continue reading

Pen Pal or Friendship Postcards or Note Cards

The simplest way to make special postcards is to use all occasion greeting cards (or holiday or birthday cards at the appropriate times of year). You can use old cards that you already have or you can pick up an inexpensive boxed set or a few individual cards. You can often find greeting cards 2-3 for just $1.00 at discount centers and dollar stores. Simply cut off the front cover and write an address and message on the back of it. It helps to draw a line down the center to keep the message and address separate. Add a stamp, … Continue reading

Paper Plate Easter Basket Greeting Cards

Here’s a cute idea to help little ones make an extra special Easter Basket greeting card for someone they love. Items Needed: 2 paper plates (small or large, your choice) Hole punch Ribbon Scissors Paper (*colored paper or wrapping paper) *Crayons (if not using colored paper) Glue Embellishments (sequins, glitter, etc.) Easter grass (*optional, can use curled ribbon) Easter Candy (*optional) 1. Cut one paper plate in half. 2. Cut a half circle from the top of the other plate, leaving at least a 1″ edge. This will be the basket handle. 3. Run a light bead of glue around … Continue reading

Memorabilia: Including Greeting Cards In Your Albums

There are several different ways to incorporate greeting cards into your layouts and albums and still be able to protect and read them. The easiest and fastest way is to create a pocket page and slip them all inside. If you are using top loading page protectors (which I highly recommend), it’s easy to pull the cards out while flipping through the album and read them. Pocket Page You will need: two sheets of paper or cardstock personal trimmer adhesive pen or marker page protector To create a pocket page, you will need two coordinating pieces of paper or cardstock … Continue reading