Camping With Children

This photo of Stanton / Meramec KOA is courtesy of TripAdvisor I love taking vacations with just Hailey now that I’ve gotten the hang of it. Initially it was kind of scary. When I was married the only vacations we took were to visit my ex-husband’s family, so I didn’t really have any experience with booking rooms and flights and things like that. It was intimidating to think about going to a strange place and being the only responsible adult. My first vacations as a single parent were camping trips, usually with friends. The first solo trip Hailey and I … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Not a Complete Bust

So how was your Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day for me was not a complete bust as I sort of took control of it. On Friday I went shopping and decided that I was going to buy my own gift. So I picked up a Keurig coffeemaker and I have been enjoying it all weekend. I think it actually took the pressure off my husband and despite the fact I got it my own, I was totally okay with that. I also threw in a new outfit, complete with a necklace and bracelet as well. I figured I might as well … Continue reading

Preparing Emotionally for Mother’s Day

So I am beginning to emotionally prepare myself for Mother’s Day. Every year I try to not have too many expectations and yet despite that, I always end up feeling disappointed in some way. Maybe it’s really just me or maybe it’s just that my children truly don’t grasp the importance of this day to me. Maybe I shouldn’t make Mother’s Day to be of such importance. Maybe I should just appreciate the fact I am a mother and leave it at that. Maybe… But I would be lying to myself if I tried to pretend that there is a … Continue reading

Single Parent Travel: Camps Designed for Single Parents

In a previous post, I talked about planning a vacation as a single parent. This post discusses some of the many places that offer vacations that have been designed for single parents and their children. Rocking Horse Ranch Resort Rocking Horse Ranch Resort is located in Highland, New York, about 90 minutes north of New York City. The 2010 weekend-long single parent camp takes place during mid-November, and starts at $615 (the cost of one adult and one child). The cost includes amenities and activities, including horseback riding, swimming, childcare, hayrides, talent shows, line dancing, bonfires, fitness center, and more. … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Extended

My wife looked forward to Mother’s Day this year. Last year our son was largely a mystery to us but she felt his presence through kicks and viewed it through the necessity for a different type of clothing (maternity). This year our son is crawling, sprawling, crying, laughing, talking and playing. Mother’s Day was sure to be a joyous occasion. My son even helped me pick out flowers to be delivered to Mom on the special day. While there was much to be happy about, Mother’s Day extended long past Sunday this year. It all started Saturday night. My son … Continue reading

No More Disappointing Mother’s Days for Me

I used to really complain about Mother’s Day. In fact, I used to feel very sorry for myself every time it rolled around. Just about every Mother’s Day my husband gets stuck working and so I don’t get spoiled like it seems everyone else does. I don’t get breakfast in bed, flowers waiting for me or help with the chores. It usually ends up being a typical day for me. I would love to say that my children jump right in there and make up for it. But they don’t. So one year I decided that I needed to let … Continue reading

Do Holidays Always Include Extended Family?

My husband and I chose to spend Mother’s Day with his parents this year. They were willing to come to our house, which worked great for me, because our baby is always happier in the comfort of our home. While my daughter napped, my mother-in-law and I relaxed in front of the TV (finally, I was able to watch TLC instead of ESPN). Our husbands slaved away in the kitchen, working to prepare a delicious Mother’s Day meal. We admired the flowers we’d been given and enjoyed the feeling of putting our feet up. After lunch, the whole gang headed … Continue reading

Dyson Dreams Dashed

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone… and I still don’t have a Dyson. My dream of owning the expensive vacuum has become a running joke in my family, though there’s one person who’s not laughing-—my daughter. Whereas I would love to add the bagless upright with Ball and Root Cyclone Technology to my cleaning collection, I am content with my current Hoover and the knowledge that it didn’t suck out our entire savings to purchase. Still, my sensitive kindergartner often gets misty whenever a Mommy gift-getting occasion passes and I crack a joke about my Dyson dreams being dashed. … Continue reading

Mothers Day, a Celebration or a Trial?

Mothers Day can be lovely or it can be a time of pain. For those with good relationships, it’s a chance to get together and celebrate. For those estranged from family or whose mother has died or they live a distance away, it can be a time of misery and loneliness. Yesterday, Mothers Day here, for me was a lovely family day. Our daughter and her husband were unable to come down to us. That’s the way it is when your daughter is married to someone in ministry and Mothers Day falls on a Sunday. Sunday for them is a … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Cards: The Truth Hurts

“You love your computer more than me!” Yup, Hallmark’s got nothing on my kindergartner. When it comes to Mother’s Day greeting cards that hit you right where it hurts, nothing cuts deeper than a piece of blue construction paper featuring the words: “Mommy, you lov yor comptr mor ten me” written in colorful Blendy Pens. As a work at home mom, who makes a living writing and editing, I am forced to spend an inordinate amount of time at my computer. However, the majority of my work is done between the hours of 2 and 7 a.m. (when my daughter … Continue reading