Proposed Foster Care Reform in Texas

A Texas legislator, who authored the bills passed two years ago to reform the foster care system in the state, says that not enough progress has been made. Those bills authorized increased spending to hire more investigators for child abuse cases. She has now introduced additional legislation to extend foster care rules and regulations. Last year, almost 35,000 children went through the state’s foster care organization and there are 20,000 or so children in the system at any given time. Her bills would improve the care that these children receive. Her legislation, if passed, would mandate that more inspections be … Continue reading

Toddler Brutally Murdered by His Father

Two years ago, twenty-five year old Daniel Hernandez was arrested for brutally shaking his one month old son and severely injuring him. Since then, he had been free on bond. The agreement on which his freedom was based stipulated that he would not be with the boy. Now the child is dead and Hernandez is in jail once again. After the 2005 incident, the child lived with Hernandez’s aunt. The mother, twenty-one year old Jessica Ann Emhoolah, was required to go to counseling and take parenting skills classes. She did everything that the court asked her to do and this … Continue reading