Time Saving Recipes for Trick-or-Treat Night

Who has time to whip up a four-course meal on Halloween? With the doorbell constantly ringing, your kids screaming about missing costumes pieces and the dog trying to eat out of the treat bowl, most of us are lucky to get one course on the table. That’s why Halloween is the perfect night to cook up one-pot wonders such as chili. A big pot of hot and hearty chili is simple to make and can be prepared well before those mini ghosts and goblins come knocking. Another bonus with chili is that it tastes even better reheated so when your … Continue reading

Bewitching Halloween Treats

Here’s a terrific edible project to add to your Halloween party. It’s ideal for children of all ages and can be tailored around food allergies. Essentially, you will be making a food station in your home so young guests can create their own Witch Hats filled with all sorts of goodies. The treats don’t have to be packed with sugar. In fact, I’ve listed some healthy alternatives in the recipe below. You can make this project as elaborate or as simple as you wish. In addition, you can substitute carob chips for chocolate and eliminate the peanuts if your children … Continue reading

Halloween Candy Cheesecakes

Whether you are looking for a sweet treat to serve up on Halloween or you are searching for a way to use up leftover Halloween candy (trick-or-treating starts today in my neck of the woods) you might consider checking out the following recipes. Both feature popular Halloween candy. The first recipe is one that is specifically designed for the stressed out cook, who is scrambling to find an easy no fuss dessert to bring to a Halloween party at the office, a neighbor’s house or school. You can make this Super Simple Snickers Cheesecake in less than 20 minutes (it … Continue reading

Devilishly Delectable Halloween Treats

What’s Halloween without a few bloody fingers? Bloody finger cookies, that is. If you want to make your Halloween buffet as gory as possible you might consider adding the recipe to your collection. Then, round out the spread by adding a few tamer selections for the faint of heart such as Halloween Orange Potion, a liquid refreshment featuring the colors of the season and traditional Halloween Snack Mix, a tasty and festive treat that guests can munch on by the handful. Each recipe makes for devilishly good eats at a Halloween bash. BLOODY FINGER COOKIES Ingredients: 1 cup butter, softened … Continue reading

Fabulously Fun Halloween Desserts: Here Kitty, Kitty!

It’s a recipe that’s so incredibly clever (and delicious) that it has made its way to the top of the must-have dessert list at Halloween gatherings from coast-to-coast. Some call it Kitty Litter Cake, while others refer to it as Kitty Poo Cake or Kitty Dung Dessert. Regardless of its unappetizing name, it is always a hit with guests. I wish I knew who came up with the original recipe (somehow I doubt it’s Martha Stewart). I’d give them an A+ for creativity and a B+ for taste (you might give it an A, but I am not a big … Continue reading

Ooey Gooey Halloween Treats

With a little creativity you can turn ordinary ingredients into delectably devilish party treats for your Halloween get together. As illustrated in previous blogs ketchup and food coloring can go a long way in transforming traditional eats into ghoulish edible masterpieces. The same policy holds true for the following Halloween-themed recipes. Something as simple as chocolate pudding can become the base for a graveyard. Just place the pudding in a clear plastic cup and top with spoonfuls of Cool Whip to create spooky ghosts and presto, instant creepy treat. Here are a few more recipes to get you into the … Continue reading

Bloody Bites for Your Halloween Buffet

Oh, the wonders of ketchup. The tangy condiment can go a long way to creep out guests at a Halloween party (though, not to the point where mini ghosts and goblins won’t happily gobble up gory-looking goodies). The trick to these Halloween treats is to make them as tasty as they are gruesome to look at. You can start off with some Bloody Baked Potatoes (courtesy of the Food Network) and then serve up a slimy snake sandwich. Both make boo-tiful additions to your Halloween buffet. BLOODY BAKED POTATOES Ingredients: 4 baking potatoes 3 balls fresh mozzarella, diced 2 tablespoons … Continue reading

Ghoulish Goodies: Edible Fingers and Eyeballs

It’s Halloween. Time to get creepy in your kitchen. With a little creativity, traditional party recipes can turn into devilish dishes perfect for a Halloween buffet. Here are a few monstrously delicious recipes to make for your little ghosts and goblins this Halloween: EDIBLE FINGERS Ingredients: 1 can refrigerated breadstick dough 1 pepperoni stick Dried rosemary Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Separate breadsticks and place on greased cookie sheet. Cut pepperoni into fingernail shapes and press into dough. Cut knuckle marks into “fingers” and sprinkle with rosemary to create a hairy-knuckle look. Bake according to package directions (typically less … Continue reading

Halloween Recipes: Creepy Zombie Cookies

Any other time of the year the aforementioned recipes wouldn’t sound very appetizing. But when you are creating a creepy buffet for a Halloween party or a festive pre-trick-or-treating meal then they’re the perfect additions. The first recipe for Creepy Chili is a Cheplic classic. While my mom didn’t create it (someone from Hormel Foods gets the credit) she did make when I was a kid—-only she used homemade breadsticks not the refrigerated kind. You can’t top this dish when it comes to simplicity and creativity. If you struggle to get your excited little ghosts and goblins to eat something … Continue reading