When Your Bedroom is an Eyesore

I don’t know if you are like me but I tend to spend more energy and effort into decorating the common areas of our home, like the kitchen and living room and less thought is put into my bedroom. But when it comes to keeping the home clean, you are more likely to put effort into those rooms you have spent time decorating. Rooms that are just kind of blah don’t give you as much motivation. So be sure to put some decorating touches in your bedroom, just to spruce things up and give you more drive to keep it … Continue reading

The State of Children’s Bedrooms

On most days you can walk through my house and it’s in order, neat and clean. But then open the door to any one of my three children’s bedrooms and you will see a drastic difference. Last weekend my 12-year-old son had a friend sleep over. We had him from Friday through Sunday. When he first saw the state of my son’s bedroom he said, “Wow, my mom would never allow my room to look like this.” Well, at one time I wouldn’t have either but I have since changed my ways…or perhaps I have just raised the red flag … Continue reading

Less Mess, Less Stress

Let’s face it, the less mess you have, the less stress you have. Well, perhaps that isn’t true for everyone. My children have friends whose families don’t seem to care too much about the state of their home. But I think for the most part, we are much more relaxed and happy when the house is in order. Sometimes I can walk into a room and instantly feel stressed. There is a pile of dishes in the sink, the floor is sticky, the counters haven’t been wiped off, the George Forman was left out and no one bothered to clean … Continue reading

How Clean Should Your House Be?

How clean is clean enough? I really struggle with that, there never seems to be enough time. My mom was just here visiting for a week and before she came I felt like I had to scrub the house from top to bottom. My Mom had not seen my new house and I wanted everything to look perfect. My house is never really dirty, it’s just messy and a little disorganized. When I started to clean though I found tons of stuff that I had let go. After I get home from work there just seems like so much to … Continue reading

Organizing Your Front Hall Closet

Last month I blogged about tackling those unseen areas in our home, the ones that no one else but our family knows is a mess. My plan was to get to these areas one spot at a time. I also talked about writing down all of the areas that need work. At first I thought I would tackle our linen closet, since it is the biggest mess and one of the more commonly used areas in our home. But instead I decided to take a different approach. I am going room by room, starting with the front of our home, … Continue reading

The Joy of Tidying Up

Well housekeeping sure has been easier lately since the kids have returned to school. I never realized how much additional work I had while they were home during the summer. Now all I have to do is spend about 30 minutes in the morning tidying up and the house stays clean for most of the day. I love that phrase “tidying up.” It’s like the bow on the present, the final touch. When you tidy up and take a step back to look at things, you feel complete. Okay, maybe it’s just me. But tidying up is an important component … Continue reading

Finding The Right Vacuum

I am not a fan of vacuuming, I would rather do just about any job in the house if someone else will just run the vacuum. I don’t know why, it’s not hard, it doesn’t take any longer than anything else I have to do to keep the house clean, I just don’t like it. I know if I don’t regularly vacuum my carpets the dirt will get ground in and not only will it cause stains but the dirt rubbing against the carpet fibers will cause them to break and before you know it my carpet is so raggedy … Continue reading

Cleaning Up The Garage- Organizing Paint

So my next big project is the garage. Its way past time to get this thing cleaned and organized. I said I was going to wait until after my mother went home but I just couldn’t resist getting started. I took stock of everything that was in there, taking up space, in the wrong place, or no longer needed. One thing that stuck out was a huge pile of half used paint cans. I like to redecorate so I have quite a bit of paint in there. I refinished some patio furniture so there are cans of bright pink spray … Continue reading

Organize Your Clothes Each Season

Closets are a common area to get cluttered, especially when we store things in it that don’t really belong. And clothes can be a real source of your problem. If you live in a state like mine, Wisconsin, you get to experience all kinds of weather. For the most part you can count on needing sweaters or light jackets during the fall and spring months, heavier jackets and long-sleeved shirts in the winter, along with tank tops and shorts in the summer. So when you live in a state that provides different opportunities in dress, you might find your closet … Continue reading

Taking Care Of Camping Gear

I’m getting ready to go camping for the long weekend. That means dragging out all the camping gear I haven’t used in a few years. Everything is in good shape but it is all dusty and doesn’t smell very good! I got everything out, spread it all on the driveway to take stock. I have a dry pack that has all the cookware that is used just for camping, this was easy, hot soapy dishwater and it was ready to go. The cook stove was a little harder. I took it apart and used paper towels to get all the … Continue reading