Don’t Give Up

The other day I blogged about falling off the fitness wagon, something I am sure many can relate to. I was so down about it and so afraid to step on my Wii balance board (my scale). I was sure it was going to show that I had completely demolished all of my hard work. I hadn’t weighed myself in almost two weeks and I didn’t anticipate anything good to come of it. Imagine my surprise when I saw that despite my fall, I had still lost a pound. How is that possible, I thought? Didn’t I completely fall back … Continue reading

Creating a Dream Board

One of the things I have been working on, in order to encourage and inspire me in my home business is what I call a “Dream Board.” Although my work is with freelance writing, I think any work you do would benefit from a “Dream Board.” You just need to tweak it to suit your type of home business. I am using a tri-fold display board, the kind you often see in science fairs at schools. But you can create a “Dream Board” using almost anything. A bulletin board, journal or your wall is just some ideas. The first thing … Continue reading

Comparing Yourself to Others

One of the most difficult challenges that we can face in trying to lose weight is to compare ourselves to others. We notice how much better our friends look. We can’t help but see how “that girl” looks so good wearing something and you know you would never look half as good. Comparing yourself to others really doesn’t cause inspiration or motivation to lose weight, like some may think. In fact most times it brings on discouragement and jealousy. Losing weight isn’t something we do in order to one-up someone. Or at least that shouldn’t be our reason for losing … Continue reading

Getting Past Discouragement

Last week I expressed some discouragement over the lack of change I was seeing in my body, despite eating healthier and exercising for two months now. I pleaded with others to “Develop a Healthier Lifestyle Earlier in Life” because I am seeing the affects of waiting until you are older. Because I was feeling discouraged, I ended up caving in this past weekend to food that I should not have. I think deep down inside I was thinking, “What’s the use? I might as well eat what I want.” Then my treadmill got moved over the weekend to a spot … Continue reading

You Can Do It

Who among us hasn’t been inspired by the amazing physical prowess displayed by the Olympians in Beijing? If nothing else I’m sure there have been times when the competition has motivated you to get up off the couch to cheer on your favorite athlete. So there–you expended at least a few calories by standing, raising your arms, yelling and cheering. Compared to how many calories the athlete is expending it might seem insignificant, but if you live a relatively sedate life it’s at least a step in the right direction. The point is: expending calories in an effort to lead … Continue reading

Impossible Goals can Hurt You

Setting goals can be an important way to encourage yourself and build a business. Many of us need those goals to dangle like carrots and keep us moving forward and staying motivated. Setting goals that are too lofty, however, or ones that are overly-ambitious or impossible can actually hurt us—they can keep us from moving forward and growing our business operations. Setting reasonable goals—ones that require us to work and stretch in order to reach them, but not work endlessly without getting there—can be an important motivator. It is encouraging to be able to check things off our list and … Continue reading

Defining Prosperity

Prosperity is one of my favorite words. In fact, I have it spelled out in little colorful alphabet blocks in a prominent spot in my living room. I love being able to look up from my laptop or reach up to take a book off the shelf and see the colorful word spelled out in block letters: p-r-o-s-p-e-r-i-t-y… I know that many people think of prosperity as simply meaning that you have lots of money. While I cannot argue that money makes my life a little more comfortable in many ways, the word “prosperity” inspires me in my home business … Continue reading

Are You Getting Obsessed with Areas of Your Business?

When I wrote this morning about how important it can be to look at where a person is spending the bulk of his or her time when it comes to the home business operation, I started thinking about how many of us become more interested in one or two areas of our businesses than others. In fact, we can become downright obsessed with certain areas or elements of our home business and that can be both a good and a bad thing… Obsessions can be inspirational and can invigorate us to spend more time and energy on certain areas of … Continue reading

You Cannot MAKE Them Work Hard

Motivation and inspiration can be tricky things when it comes to how we parents can inspire out children to do the things we think they should. I remember before I became a parent how I assumed that I would be able to mold and make my children into the people I thought they should be. I was definitely one of those people (and only childless people truly believe this) who would say things like “My children are going to…” and “I’ll make sure that my kids…” In reality, we parents do the best we can but our children do not … Continue reading

Why Can’t Every Day Be a SUPER Day?

Every so often in my home business, I have what I like to call a SUPER day…I get started early and feel energized, I check things off my to-do list and manage to get all sorts of things done–all while feeling perky and inspired. What I cannot help but wonder, however, is why EVERY DAY cannot be a SUPER DAY?! Have you ever had one of those days where you were just on fire? Everything seemed to go your way and you got so much done that you did what would ordinarily be a week’s worth of work in a … Continue reading