Teaching Kids About Making Introductions

Maybe we have worked with our children on how to make friends and how to be a friend, and we have probably spent some time teaching our children about basic manners—but what about the manners of how to meet new people? Making introductions and meeting new people can be uncomfortable if a child does not know what is expected of him or her. Young children can be confused—do they shake hands? Do they look people in the eye? Why is it that there are different expectations when you meet different kinds of people? All of these social ambiguities can really … Continue reading

New Travel Blogger Introduction

I will be joining Michele here on the Travel blog, so I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. I am a freelance writer and stay-at-home mom just outside of Houston, Texas. I homeschool my girls, so my days are filled with math problems, teaching reading, and exploring nature. We also enjoy cooking together and finding new craft projects. When I have spare time, I enjoy writing about kids and the family. Growing up, I dreamed of traveling. I wanted to see the world. In fact, I briefly considered joining the military so I could travel. Then, I remembered … Continue reading

Introducing a New Family Scrapbooking Blogger

Hi there! I’m Nicole Humphrey, the new Families.com Scrapbooking Blogger. I am very excited about the opportunity to be a part of this ever growing community. I look forward to collaborating with Lisa and the other bloggers to bring you the best information on scrapbooking your family memories. I am a 32 year old single mother of two wonderful children – a son, Ryan, age 11 and a daughter, Brielle, age 8. I have been divorced for five and a half years, but am dating someone seriously. Mike has three girls ages 11, 9 and 6. My children and I … Continue reading

Introducting the New Women’s Health Blogger

Well, first of all I want to say that I’m really delighted and honoured to get to work here! This is a wonderful site, and from what I’ve seen of the community, a great group of people. My name is D. Kai Wilson, or just Kai. I’m 27, a mother of two, and have…well various small health conditions, and a nosiness about the ones that I hear about, a passion for research and an interest in providing information on women’s health. I also write for my own mental health site, and edit/blog there to raise the profile of bi-polar disorder … Continue reading

New Face of Islam — Blogger Intro

Muslim. What image came to mind when you read that word? Did you picture an elderly Arab man with full beard and a turban? Did you think of a heavily veiled woman, walking three feet behind her tyrannical husband? Did you picture a wild-eyed young man, bombs strapped to his body? If so, you are not alone. That is how many Americans picture Muslims. [h]Who are Muslims?[/h] Would it surprise you to learn that only 20 percent of the world’s Muslims are Arabs? Muslims live on every continent in the world, in every country of the world, and in every … Continue reading

An Introduction Into This Single Parent’s Life

I am very pleased to be a part of the Families.com blogging team. I am excited about working with Fran and the other bloggers and hope that my posts here in the Single Parent Blog will add value to this treasure trove of information. I have been a single parent for eight years and have two wonderful boys ages 11 and 8. The children’s father and I separated when my youngest was only six months old and we have been divorced for 3 1/2 years. As with most people it was not my goal to venture into this parenting thing … Continue reading