A Disney Lover’s Valentine Treat

I really didn’t think I’d have anything Disney-related to post about Valentine’s Day. I could report on the lists of special flower arrangements scattered around the Disney parks for the occasion, or perhaps I could find details on special Valentine’s menus offered at Disney restaurants. But honestly, neither of those things is enough for an article. Despite the insinuation with which I opened today’s blog, I haven’t really found a strong topic connecting Disney and Valentine’s Day. What I did discover, however, is the plethora of Disney gift cards available at The Disney Store online. Guess what: there are currently … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day for Single Parents

Is Valentine’s Day only for lovebirds? I don’t think so. Should single parents be frustrated with being single on a day that focuses so heavily on couples? I hope not. I think that Valentine’s Day can be a fun day for us and our children. While it may be a reminder of being in a romantic relationship, the red hearts showing up everywhere shouldn’t have a negative impact on single parents. If you are happy being single on other days of the year, you should also be happy on Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for someone to enter into … Continue reading

Affordable Valentine’s Day Activities

With the recession hitting families hard right now, your Valentine’s Day may not include the typical array of roses, balloons, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. In fact, a recent Consumer Reports poll found that about 50 percent of people with partners plan to spend less money on Valentine’s Day this year. But, instead of making this a black Saturday, why not paint the town red by partaking in these inexpensive family-friendly activities: CHEAP EATS Who said you have to spend Valentine’s Day sipping on pricey champagne and indulging in expensive steak and lobster combos to make it memorable? If you’re … Continue reading

Ways to Keep the Kids Busy on Valentine’s Day

How are you planning to spend Valentine’s Day? Will you be enjoying dinner out with your sweetheart or will you be celebrating Love Day at home with the entire family? For many families the flailing economy has forced them to cut back on Valentine’s Day spending. However, the following ideas prove that you don’t have to break the bank to celebrate February 14th in style. These simple kid-friendly projects are ideal for keeping children content on Valentine’s Day. VALENTINE’S DAY CARD HOLDER Students who got swamped with Valentine’s Day cards at school will find this craft to be exactly what … Continue reading

Celebrities and Valentine’s Day

Do you have a date for Valentine’s Day? If not, you’re not alone. In fact, some of Hollywood’s biggest names recently revealed that they have no plans to celebrate Love Day tomorrow. For example, The Office star Jenna Fisher dished that she won’t be sipping champagne and munching on truffles tomorrow. Rather, the actress says she will be attending her friend’s daughter’s bat mitzvah. Grammy-winning singer Duffy admits that she won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day with the traditional romantic dinner and sweet sounding cards. Instead, the songstress says she plans to spend the night serenading “beautiful men”… in a gay … Continue reading

Homemade Valentine’s Decorations

Whether you are hosting a Valentine’s Day party, or you simply want to make your home more festive for your family, these easy Love Day decorations are sure to please. In fact, the paper crafts are so simple to make, your children could put them together themselves. When you are done display your handiwork in open spaces for everyone to enjoy. LOVE BUG Materials: Construction Paper Pipe Cleaners Googly Eyes Black Marker Paint Glitter Glue Doilies Directions: Trace and cut a large heart shape out of construction paper. Trace and cut a smaller heart shape out of a different color … Continue reading

Love is In the Air

‘Love is the air,’ with TVs, stores, magazines etc all gearing up for Valentine’s Day. Everywhere you turn hearts and flowers dominate the displays. But love is more than just a romantic notion written about by songwriters, poets, novelists and movie script writers. Love can mean different things to different people, but I read a couple of good descriptions of love in a novel I’ve been reading. One was, ‘Allowances must be made for the people we love.’ That’s what Mary Ann was talking about too in her blog about unconditional love. It doesn’t depend on what they do but … Continue reading

Simple Valentine’s Day Projects for the Entire Family

Here are a couple of simple crafts suitable for the entire family. Whether you make these sweet cards as a group or you plan to help the kids design them for your spouse, parents or in-laws, they are appropriate for all skill levels. Take a look: SPONGE PAINT VALENTINE’S DAY CARD Materials: Construction paper or card stock Paper plate Red or pink paint A new sponge Scissors or pinking shears Pen or crayons White craft glue Glitter, sequins, ribbon, buttons, stickers or other embellishments Directions: Fold paper in half for a traditional card. If you want a smaller card (the … Continue reading

Easy Last-Minute Valentine Projects

My superstitious friend was so focused on the fact that Friday the 13th is two days away that she completely forgot that Saturday is Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, she is married to one of the most laid-back guys around, and I doubt that he would have raised an eyebrow had she overlooked the holiday. If you too suddenly realized that Love Day is just three days away, then you might consider making the following homemade Valentine’s Day crafts. Not only are they inexpensive and simple to create, but they’ll also be appreciated by just about any Valentine from grandparents and spouses … Continue reading

Fun Valentine’s Day Projects for Kids

If you are looking for an affordable gift to give grandma and grandpa this Valentine’s Day, these kid-friendly crafts are right on target. Gather your children around the table and have them make these homemade hearts out of everyday items. Kids ages 6 and up can craft these hearts with little adult supervision. With preschoolers you may want to help with the cutting and gluing, and with toddlers, consider doing the cutting yourself and let them have fun with the pasting. PAPER MOSIAC HEARTS Materials: Poster board or card stock Construction paper Old magazines or catalogs Scissors Glue stick Directions: … Continue reading