What To Include In Your Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is a fun topic to write about in a journal. This time in your life is so new and different from any other stage in life. So much is packed into nine months; if you don’t write it down, you’re bound to forget some of it. It can be really entertaining to look back at your pregnancy journal and relive some of the memories (or be grateful that some of them have passed, like morning sickness). Writing about your pregnancy might come naturally for some, but if you’re suffering writer’s block, here are some ideas for what kinds of … Continue reading

Your Journal Writing Style

Why do you write in your journal? We have been instructed to keep a record of our lives. This is important to do, and there are several reasons to keep a journal. You may find that you primarily focus on just one reason or your do a little bit of all of them. Additionally you may find that your writing style changes as you consider why you are keeping a record of your life. One of the biggest reasons many people keep a journal is it is a record that you can pass on to your posterity. If you are … Continue reading

Wreck This Journal – Keri Smith

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful journal. They beckon, but they can also intimidate. Sometimes what you want to write or doodle doesn’t seem quite important or beautiful enough to go on those gorgeous handmade paper pages. Creativity is sometimes messy though. And to have the freedom to be creative, sometimes you need to write or draw things that aren’t perfect or pretty. And that’s why I like the Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. It’s a paper back journal with sturdy pages. The pages are printed with directions. Some of the directions are silly. One page wants you to … Continue reading

For Freelance Writers–Do You Keep a Journal Too?

One of the most basic morsels of advice for writers is to keep a journal and many of us just seem to naturally carry a notebook or journal with us wherever we go. However, as we write more and more for pay as freelancers, we may find it harder to take the time to keep up with our journal writing too… Continuing to keep a journal while working on other writing projects and building a freelance writing business is a great way to generate ideas, work out new projects and just keep the “juices flowing” in terms of creative and … Continue reading

Keeping Your Family History

When it comes to family history, I usually think about finding lost lines of ancestors, and filling out a pedigree chart. But there is another important aspect to completing your family history. It is just as important that you record the events in your family’s life as well. Here are five easy ways to do that. 1) You may want to create an online blog or journal. This is a great way to keep distance family updated. If you save your entries on your computer as well you can easily burn your entries onto DVD to archive them. Families.com has … Continue reading

Jumpstarting Journal Writing

We are encouraged to write in our journals. It is part of the family history mission of the church. It is an important gift that you can pass on to future generations. It is also a great way to remember the ways that we have been blessed. Journals give us the opportunity to see how we have grown from our trials. They are also a great place to vent (at least mine is). If you have recently decide to renew your efforts of writing in your journal here are some ideas to help you get going. 1) Set aside time … Continue reading

A Journal Making Party (2)

Hopefully you got a chance to read the first article in this series: A Journal Making Party (1). Here are a few ways to help make your Journal Making Party more fun! First, be sure to read the three articles I wrote mentioned in the previous blog, so that you are aware of how to create and design them. A couple of cute food ideas for the Journal Making Party: Alphabet soup Punch or Juice (called Journaling Juice) Cookies (be sure and cut them with alphabet cookie cutters) flexible licorice (to form letters with) A couple of fun games you … Continue reading

A Journal Making Party (1)

Journal making is a fun and frugal way to spend time with friends and enjoy the art of scrapbooking without actually scrapbooking. As most of you know, I am the queen of journaling (and frugality really) and so of course I have to have journals scattered throughout my home. A couple of weekends ago, our entire family, including myself (and I’ve already made several) created journals for fun. I have taken great pleasure in watching the kids use them. One of our girls loves to draw Manga (Japanese animation) so she has chosen to use her journal for that. Another … Continue reading

A Scrapbook Journal Making Party – a Personal Experience

Over the weekend, our entire family, that’s seven of us, sat down for a journal making session. Our four girls are extremely creative, as is our boy and mom and dad too. After I made my previous journals, and wrote three articles titled: Designing a Journal (1) , Designing a Journal (2) and Designing a Journal (3), everyone in our family got excited and wanted to make them too. I purchased tons of composition books, I think our count was at twenty last time I checked, but at our journal making session we made six. There are sales everywhere on … Continue reading

Decorating a Journal (1)

Obviously, my addiction with journaling on my layouts, rolls over to my everyday life. It can’t be helped. I love writing and I love preserving my memories. I believe most scrapbookers do. I recently went out to purchase a couple of composition notebooks so I could journal a couple of new topics. Composition notebooks seem to be my favorite journals of choice. I like that I can decorate them, there’s plenty of room and they are the perfect size. Decorating the journal is probably the most fun part. I started mine last night, and just love how they are turning … Continue reading