Thicker than Water (2005)

“Thicker than Water” was originally a made-for-television movie produced by Hallmark. Natalie (Melissa Gilbert) is a leading lawyer in a high-powered firm. Her father is a judge, and a long tradition of honor and respectability runs in their family. When her father passes away, Natalie doesn’t expect skeletons to come tumbling out of the closet, but they do. He left a box full of letters and pictures from his first wife, a wife Natalie didn’t know he’d had. To make matters worse, her name was Maggie May and she was a rodeo queen. Natalie’s not sure what to do with … Continue reading

Heirloom Holiday Gifts

This holiday season is presenting some real opportunities, despite the less optimistic appearance of the gift giving season in some regards. The opportunities for getting back to basics, giving simple toys as gifts, is one of those opportunities. Handmade gifts that may well become heirloom pieces is another. Create beautiful elements to go with existing toys. A patchwork quilt or handmade doll furniture are items that can be passed from generation to generation. Baby doll clothes or hand stitched outfits for Barbie may well inspire you to explore your inner fashion designer, while at the same time giving your little … Continue reading

Footprints in our Memories

You know, when my daughter was born, I was surprised that not only did they not take a footprint or handprint of her – they didn’t even issue her a birth certificate. In fact, a lot of hospitals don’t anymore – they give you a letter of registration. It basically informs people that you had a child and some key data about the child. If you want a birth certificate, you have to send off for it. I was more than a little startled about that, but I did end up getting her birth certificate and it’s nothing really fancy … Continue reading

Heritage Photos: Keeping Items Safe

If you have many heritage items that have been passed down to you from ancestors, it is important to remember that many of these items can be harmful to your photos. I would like to share some ideas about keeps those heritage photos safe while preserving the memorabilia that is so interesting and important. Do not store newspaper clippings or other paper items right next to your photos unless you have treated them with a deacidfing spray such as Archival Mist because it can cause damage to your photos. Archival Mist is very easy to use and with neutralize your … Continue reading

A Different Spin on Home Organization

Today would have been my dad’s sixty-sixth birthday. Unfortunately, he passed away before he had a chance to enjoy his retirement. The reason I’m writing about my dad is because my brother and I were responsible for handling his estate. This story may not seem like it fits the Home category, but it does. Every parent needs to get his or her things in order so they don’t leave a mess for their children. My dad was really good about keeping bank statements, bills, titles, deeds, and other important papers organized. It made this difficult process that much easier for … Continue reading