Is American Idol Rigged?

While the world waits to see if Paula Abdul will return to “American Idol” (she still hasn’t signed a contract even though the auditions for the next season start in early August), there is another “American Idol” storm brewing. The AI Now website had some past contestants conduct an online chat with viewers yesterday, but it seems everyone got more than they bargained for. Contestant Ju’Not Joyner was eliminated early on in the season last year, so I am not sure if he is being truthful or if it is just sour grapes, but he certainly had a lot to … Continue reading

Kris Allen and Adam Lambert’s Bromance

This week, “American Idol” runner up Adam Lambert shocked no one (except maybe a few tweens) when he announced in a Rolling Stone magazine interview that he was gay. Personally, I applaud Adam, Hollywood Life’s Young Hollywood Awards Artist of the Year, for not overshadowing the finale with his announcement and for also not waiting for years to announce the obvious, like former “American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken. Adam said he had not regrets about coming clean with his sexuality and was happy with the magazine cover and title (“The Liberation of Adam Lambert”). If you watched the finale of … Continue reading

Is there a Kris Allen Scandal Brewing?

If you watched the season finale of “American Idol,” you may have been shocked that low keyed, humble Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert, the obvious forerunner since – well, about the first day on the big stage. Oddly enough, Kris Allen was surprised when Kris Allen was named the newest American Idol. Now, the New York Times thinks Allen had a little extra help from AT&T in winning the title. Some fans in Arkansas could use their mobile phones to cast blocks of votes for Allen. However, AT&T didn’t provide the same option for Lambert’s fans. Maybe AT&T thought he … Continue reading

American Idol’s Underdog Kris Allen

Kris Allen snuck into the final thirteen of “American Idol.” I don’t remember seeing his original audition or much, if any, of him during the famed Hollywood week. When he was announced as one of the top thirteen, I think a lot of people went “Huh?” But, Allen has proved his worth by making it to tonight’s finale. Call him the Little Singer that Could. Allen has outlasted everyone else except powerhouse Adam Lambert to make it to the finale. Allen and Lambert’s styles are quite different. Allen looks humble up on the stage no matter what he is doing, … Continue reading