Choosing to Laugh

Chemotherapy is done and I survived. I am still bald, feel like poo but it’s done. Now I start visiting with the radiation oncologist and see what the next step of treatment entails. Before I start telling you all about the radiation let me tell you a few good things that I found about going through the chemotherapy. *When you have no hair you save money on shampoo, conditioner, and haircuts. *When it is time to get ready you do not have to do your hair all you have to do is slip a wig or turban on. *If there … Continue reading

Getting Upset in Marriage

We all get upset at times with things that happen in our lives, things happen to us that are outside our control and that we hadn’t counted on. Often it is caused by the words or actions of others. How we respond to what happens to us, can tell us a lot about ourselves and our natures. When it comes to marriage and family life, there are always going to be things that will happen that we didn’t count on. I’ve felt that way just this morning. It wasn’t with Mick and the problem wasn’t caused by him but someone … Continue reading

Concentrate on Now

Recently a young woman made an insightful comment about the marriages and relationships of some of her friends. ‘They’re so busy looking ahead and planning ahead, they’re not dealing with now.’ I suspect this could be a common problem in many marriages, planning a future but not dealing with the present. So how do we combat this problem? The most important thing is to keep the lines of communication open each day. Perhaps one way would be something I saw once in a movie. I can’t remember what the movie was, but as the family gathered around the table for … Continue reading

Laugh at Stress

Studies have shown that laughter is a GREAT way to deal with stress. In the short term: Laughter enhances your oxygen intake. That in turn stimulates your heart, your lungs, and your muscles. Laughter makes your brain release endorphins — happy chemicals. Laughter can ease digestion problems. Laughter can stimulate blood circulation, which can help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress. Laughter also activates — and then cools down — your body’s stress response. It can rev up your heartbeat and boost your blood pressure, leaving you feeling more relaxed as things calm down again. In the long … Continue reading

Find Reasons to Laugh Together EVERY Day

I know there are all sorts of things that make for a strong, bonded family—but I truly believe that if you can find a way to have a laugh together every day, everyone will be healthier, happier, and you will feel more connected as a family. I know that there are huge families out there where it is difficult to get everyone in the same room at the same time, let alone share a laugh—but maybe if you can break it into groups, or make it a goal as a parent to share some humor with each child daily, you … Continue reading

Some Days…There is Nothing to Do but Laugh

I know that we all “know” in theory that laughter is pretty much a cure-all and when times get tough and stressful—laughter can be the very best medicine indeed. As a single parent, however, we might be tempted to take everything very seriously—after all, a great deal is often riding on our shoulders. But there are those times when things can get so kooky and out of whack that the only sane thing we really can do…is laugh. Life can be pretty darn hilarious and life with children can be hilarious on a fairly regular basis—between the silly sayings, irony, … Continue reading

Me and Scooby Doo

A funny thing happened Sunday while I was alone. Tyler was with his father watching the football games and I was sitting in the hotel reading the newspaper and flipping the channels trying to find something half-way interesting to watch on TV. At one point I flipped to Scooby Doo and for a split second I thought about stopping but then I hurried on. When I didn’t find anything, I made the rounds again and when I came to the channel that had Scooby Doo on, once again I was tempted to stop and watch. But somehow I felt that … Continue reading

Daily Dose of Laughter

Maybe I’m just old but I really don’t get half the programs on Cartoon Network. But apparently kids do. As I sit listening to the rain pound against my hotel window (we’re under a tornado watch!) Tyler is absorbed in that silly program about the Grim Reaper. Bill and Mandy or something like that. Anyway, he’s been watching TV all day since the weather is too bad to leave the hotel and he’s totally enjoying the silly jokes and shenanigans being displayed. Periodically I have glanced at the screen to see if I can get a handle on what’s going … Continue reading

Laughing Through the Challenging Times

My little family received a compliment from one of my eldest daughter’s friends the other day. He said that he liked being around our family because we “always found a way to laugh and have a good time, even when things were chaotic and stressful.” While I think we tend to take our senses of humor for granted, and I sometimes even worry that we can turn to humor TOO often, it was nice to hear someone else’s “take” on one of our family strengths. If there is one thing parenting and family life has taught me, it is that … Continue reading

Learning to Laugh at Ourselves

There is a difference between teasing, picking on someone, making fun of them, and just learning to not take things so seriously. We can help our kids develop a sense of humor and learn how to laugh at themselves–not by teasing and poking fun at them, but by modeling our own ability to laugh at ourselves and helping them to appreciate the silliness and humor in every day life. I do not think that people are born with a sense of humor. How’s that for a dramatic statement? I think it is something that is learned and shaped over the … Continue reading