Where Are All The Scrapbook Magazines? (2)

In an earlier article, I exposed some older scrapbooking magazines that have now gone defunct. Now its time to take a closer look at scrapbooking magazines in more recent years. Creating Keepsakes My favorite, still. It has almost always had a place in the industry since I can remember. The leader in scrapbooking magazines as well as idea books, Creating Keepsakes is one of those resources you come back to again and again. Still standing after over ten years, it isn’t going anywhere for a long time to come. Making Memories This would be the other “original” scrapbook magazine. Again, … Continue reading

Where Are All the Scrapbook Magazines? (1)

In recent months, it seems many scrapbook magazines have gone way ward. In fact, I’m not sure why, because a few of them were very popular and were a wonderful addition to the scrapbooking world. So where did all the scrapbook magazines go, and who’s left standing? Well, in order to truly talk about all the scrapbooking magazines that have disappeared, I have to go way back. Pebbles in My Pocket The first one to leave was called Pebbles in My Pocket, which was a catalog mixed with an idea book and then later became just an idea magazine with … Continue reading

Memory Makers Online Videos

Memory Makers Magazine is well known for offering it’s subscribers a wonderful monthly magazine and resourceful website. They have added a new area to their website that includes videos featuring different scrapbooking companies talking about one of their newest products. Each of the videos was fun to watch and contained useful tips for using their product. One of the videos that I found especially interesting was from Create and Treasure where the project demonstrated was a cute matchbook album. The album was created by taking regular fabric, fabric adhesive and heavy weight vellum paper and bonding them altogether to create … Continue reading