Color Combinations on Your Layouts

When designing scrapbook layouts, choosing the colors you will incorporate into the layout is very important. The colors will set the tone for the layout. When you understand the basics of the color wheel, it can make choosing pleasing colors easier. Understanding some basics of color theory will help to use color with purpose. There are four types of color combinations that I would like to share today: monochromatic, analogous, complementary and triadic. Monochromatic color schemes are made up of one hue in several different shades or values. For example, all of the colors in the following layout are different … Continue reading

Monochromatic Doesn’t Mean Boring

Many people think of boring beige or stark white when they think of monochromatic decor. A monochromatic color scheme simply means one color; it doesn’t dictate which color it has to be. It doesn’t dictate that everything in the space has to be exactly the same shade of color either. Neutrals do make good choices for monochromatic spaces, especially if you prefer a calming feel, but you can use very vivid color as well. Rich shades of red make a room warm. Bright greens give a fresh feel. Neutrals can also be blended with color too, depending on the tone. … Continue reading