Muslim “Barbie” Dolls Coming To A Store Near You… Maybe

If you have ever left a toy store frustrated because you were not able to find a modestly dressed doll I have good news for you. An Indonesian mother who couldn’t find a Barbie-like doll dressed in conservative fashions finally took matters into her own hands. Sukmawati Suryaman spent months designing the Salma Muslim doll for parents out there looking to inspire the virtue of modesty among young girls. The 28-year-old mother-of-one’s new creation exploded on the toy scene and now the Salma doll is the latest must-have toy for girls in Indonesia. The name Salma is derived from the … Continue reading

Toys for Muslim Children

Although Muslim children can play with many of the same toys as their non-Muslim counterparts, sometimes it’s nice to have toys that were made specifically for Muslims. With Islamic toys, we don’t have to worry about inappropriate clothing or language or questionable morals. Here are some links to games, toys, coloring pages, and stories made just for Muslim children: Razanne — Most young girls love dolls and many adore Barbie. Barbie can be fun and educational. However, with her tank tops, mini skirts, bikinis, and lifelong boyfriend, she doesn’t exactly embody Islamic values! Razanne is the Muslim’s answer to Barbie. … Continue reading