Morning Sickness and Gender Prediction

Some myths just keep popping up when it comes to pregnancy. The most pervasive myths tend to be related to gender prediction and it’s not surprising: “girl or boy” is on every pregnant woman’s mind. Predictors include everything from suspending a pencil over the pregnant woman’s belly to which side of the bed she sleep on. These types of myths are easily debunked, but there are a few that seem plausible. One in particular is the correlation between morning sickness and gender. Does the presence or strength of morning sickness predict gender? There are those that are quick to say … Continue reading

Top Four Marriage Myths

We absorb a lot of marriage myths in our lives. By the time we are ready to get married, our heads are full of these myths that make it hard to maintain a happy marriage. Here are the top four marriage myths that you should avoid. 1. Marriage is like the media Remember all of those family friendly shows were grew up with on television? What about the movies? The mom is smart and sassy, the dad is clueless but dependent and the kids’ biggest behavioral problem is that they broke a lamp and then confessed out of guilt. If … Continue reading

April Fools: Three Things You Thought You Knew About Adoption

There are some things that “everybody knows” about adoption. This “knowledge” is so well-known, of course, that facts and first-person testimonies, even the evidence of one’s own eyes, apparently aren’t effective. One couple was showing off their new baby, whom they had adopted at birth here in the U.S., at at a large family-and-friends picnic last summer. When the new parents told the story of their recent adoption, another guest asserted “Well-Known Fact Number One” confidently: “That’s impossible. There are no babies to adopt in the United States.” April Fools! The truth: In the U.S., in-country adoptions outnumbered international adoptions … Continue reading

Thoughts on Soul Mates and Single People

In the Single Side of Things article I wrote in as part of my analysis of Today’s “Why I Got Married, Why I Stayed Single Series”, I ended by saying I didn’t really buy that the single women interviewed were truly happy with their decisions to stay single. Tainted View My thoughts on this are kind of corrupted, because my sister’s a 51-year-old never-been-married single woman. Back in her 20s it was common to hear her declare, “I’m never going to get married. I don’t need it.” Then in her 30s she found someone she thought she might marry. Actually, … Continue reading

When Your Personal Love Myth’s Been Offended

Yesterday I wrote about how understanding your personal love myth might help you understand your relationship. Especially if you’re having problems of the nature where your heart feels like it craves more, though you have no idea what it needs. Or is somehow unfilled, though you can’t really explain why. Maybe it’s because your personal love myth’s been offended. Identifying the Problem Have you ever found yourself in the predicament where nothing seems right in your relationship? This little thing irritates you. That little thing gripes you. But you don’t know exactly why. All you know is it doesn’t take … Continue reading

What’s Your Personal Love Myth?

From ancient times, myths and fairy tales have contained more spiritual truth in one telling than we can even process, which is why the soul keeps asking to have them told once again. ~-From the essay “Mythical Woman” in Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Romancing the Ordinary-~ The past week has seen a lot of discussion about romantic movies here in the Marriage Blog. It all started when Dale shared some of her picks for romantic favorites, then continued with a few more in part two. Next it was my turn to chime in with a list of 52 romantic movies you … Continue reading

What’s Wrong with Mormons? — B. Jay Gladwell

I was born and raised in the Church and I’ve never doubted the teachings, although I do believe that we all go through a conversion process, born in the Church or not. I went through mine in bits and spurts during my teenage years and now, as an adult (and not so much a teenager anymore) my testimony is strong and I enjoy a close relationship with my Heavenly Father. But when asked to explain these thoughts and feelings to someone who doesn’t understand where I’m coming from, I have a tendency to choke up, especially when it comes to … Continue reading

Protect Your Kids! Cell Phones and Predators

Cell phones provide an easy path to your child from sexual predators. You should know how to protect them. Most parents know all about children, sexual predators and the Internet. We protect our children by installing firewalls and monitoring software and blocking software. We keep the computer in a communal area of the house and watch our kids when they are online. We think that we have done everything we can to create a wall between predators and our kids. But one think we fail to do, by the thousands, is to protect them from predators getting in through their … Continue reading

Unconditional Love: A Myth?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of unconditional love versus conditional love lately. Like the ideal of a perfect marriage, I’m now of the opinion that pure unconditional love doesn’t exist either. I don’t think humans are capable of that. I think some pets come close. They forgive us most trespasses and don’t shun us just because we age, gain a few pounds, lose our jobs, drink or smoke too much, or whatever other vice, hardship, or trouble we may suffer, encounter, or endure. But even pets have their limits. Just like people in relationships, they rely on … Continue reading

Rule Number 1: No Such Thing as a Perfect Marriage

Since I decided my focus for 2008 would be resolving to make the best of marriage, I have to start somewhere. Setting rules seems like a logical place. Perhaps the most important, fundamental rule is realizing perfection is a myth. Nobody, and No Marriage, Is Perfect I don’t believe in such a thing as the perfect marriage. Everyone has flaws, therefore every marriage will have flaws. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy an incredible marriage though. That’s always something you can strive for. As long as you do the following: (a) Accept It, Flaws are Inevitable If you accept … Continue reading