The Frugal Fanatic Returns

It has only been a little over a month since I last posted an article here at and it feels like forever. I sure have missed it and I am really happy to be back. I took a month off of article writing to work on a book that I am writing, and several other smaller projects, and I am now back in full force and happy to be here! It is amazing how fast time can fly, and how fast this whole year went by. I cannot believe it is almost Christmas, and I can tell you that … Continue reading

New Photography Blogger

The photography blog has sat quietly waiting for a blogger to come and take the reins. Taking on the challenge of the photography blog was a no brainer for me, with my passion for photography and scrapbooking. I will be working with Michele Cheplic, who most of you know from the Travel and Pop Culture blogs. I’m sure many of you have seen me around the scrapbooking and frugal living blogs for well over a year now, and in addition I enjoy hanging around the various forums, especially scrapbooking, blended families and large families. I have now added the photography … Continue reading

Outgrown Clothes Make Great Craft and Scrapbook Embellishments

All children out grow clothes quickly. Do you have piles that don’t fit anymore? Some that might be stained or torn? Missing a button maybe? Don’t toss them. Use them for your scrapbook layouts. Recently we held a garage sale, and are planning a second here this weekend. We have to get rid of a lot of stuff because we are getting ready to sell our home and move. While going through the basement I came across loads of clothing. All had been outgrown and most was in excellent condition, folded neatly in boxes and awaiting a new owner. But … Continue reading

Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Sihouettes

It was once a very popular technique. In some cases it still can be. But if you are like the majority of scrapbookers who have been scrapbooking more than five years, you know the silhouetting I am talking about. Silhouetting in scrapbooking, means taking your photograph and cutting around an object. It works great if it’s a flower that fills the frame, but when it’s a child (which in most cases it was for me), the end result can have an almost creepy effect on the layout. What I see now when I look back at layouts that I silhouetted … Continue reading

Organizing Your Photos: Part Three – Selecting

Once your photos are in order, you can determine which pictures you wish to use in each album. It’s sometimes hard to decide what you want to use on a layout and what you want to keep for another type of album. I hope that these tips make that decision just a bit easier for you. Use the post it notes, boxes, files, or baggies. Make a place for each album you want to create. For example, if you are making one for each child, write the name of each child on a separate post it and begin selecting photos … Continue reading

Organizing Your Photos: Part Two – Sorting

Sorting your photos can be a difficult task. First you have to decide HOW you want to sort them, and then you have to actually figure out your time lines. Here are some tips to make this just a bit easier. If you have a huge backlog of unorganized pictures, you need to work slowly and take your time. Don’t rush, and try to start in an area where you don’t necessarily have to stop what you are doing and put it all away. Try to find a place when you start where you can leave them out until the … Continue reading

Organizing Your Photos: Part One – Planning

There are so many ways to organize your photos. There is no one wrong or right way, just the way that is easiest and most convenient for you. Please take away from these articles, what will work for you, whether it is only one way, or a combination of organizational methods. It is not necessary to have all your photos sorted and organized before you put together your first album. However, the photos you choose to put in that album need to be organized. You will also find it less overwhelming to begin with your most recent photos and work … Continue reading

Preserving Children’s Artwork

As a mother of two children in elementary school, I have become inundated with school papers and artwork. I hear from many parents, as well as scrapbookers, that they have the same issues. What do I keep, and what do I throw away? I’d like to offer up some suggestions on what you can do with all that “stuff” your children bring home each day. There are three types of papers and artwork that my children seem to bring home from school on a regular basis: Papers and artwork I know are “must keep” items Things I feel can eventually … Continue reading

More Tips to Organizing Your Scrapbooking

Here are a few more tips for organizing your scrapbooking and time. These methods should help you with time management as well as keeping your creativity flowing. Store small items with care – Lisa Andrews recently wrote the article Scrapbook Organization: Small Embellishments. She offered some great advice on storing smaller embellishments. It’s important to take great care when organizing these smaller items and storing them. If they accidentally get dropped or knocked it can be quite the mess to clean up. Practicing good storage on these items, can ensure that never happens. Keep your mementos together – If you … Continue reading

Tips to Organizing Your Scrapbooking

Getting organized is often a challenge for scrapbookers. Here are a few ways to help yourself get and stay organized. Schedule Time – Both for creating your layouts, organizing your supplies and putting together page kits, or organizing items that go together on a layout. You need to do this often. Some people choose once a week, but once a month can be just as effective. Keep Supplies Handy – Keep often-used supplies in a plastic container. I prefer a clear plastic storage container with a handle. Usually these can be found at any discount chain. Store them nearby where … Continue reading