Ink Pad Storage and Organization

Stamp pads can accumulate quickly, with all the luscious colors out there, and all of the different companies. From one company alone I have 35 different colors, not to mention a variety of other stamp pads and types. So what do you do when the stamp pads add up and the way you are storing them isn’t working for you? Over the years I have seen lots of different storage methods, but my favorite by far is the way that I have them stored. The reason I love it so much is because it was a totally FREE item that … Continue reading

Post Adoption Depression

Post adoption depression, seems like a paradox considering how much effort has gone into the paperwork, home study, waiting, expenses, and stress. After all, wouldn’t the moment of finally holding your baby, or tucking your toddler or child in for bed at night, be one of the most fantastic moments in adoptive parent’s lives? For many new adoptive parents it is, but for some it’s not. Instead, some new adoptive parents experience post adoption depression. The severity of post adoption depression may vary and adoptive parents should seek help if five or more of the symptoms below occur during a … Continue reading